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Star Wars Rebels: First Two Episode Summaries Revealed

Our friends over at Rebel Transmission and Star Wars Union have uncovered the episode descriptions for “Droids in Distress” (episode 104) and “Fighter Flight” (episode 105). These are the first two episodes of the series that begins on Monday, October 13. Episodes 102 and 103 make up the one-hour movie special, entitled Star Wars Rebels: Spark of the Rebellion, that premieres on Friday, October 3. Episode 101 is comprised of the four character shorts that feature the main protagonists of the series.

Episode 104, “Droids in Distress”

With the Rebels running out of money, they decide to take on another job for Vizago. They fly to Garell to steal a few crates full of illegal weapons and deliver them to him, but then Zeb finds out that these weapons are actually T7 ion disruptors, the same kind that the Empire used to displace and almost extinguish his people. Dismayed, he tries to dissuade Kanan from completing the job.

Episode 105, “Fighter Flight”

Ezra and Zeb are arguing constantly. In order to get them to make up, Hera takes them to Kothal to buy a fruit called Meiloorun. After a few setbacks, they finally manage to locate a crate of Meilooruns only to find that the Empire has just purchased it. Ezra immediately tries to steal a few Meilooruns but this then leads to a fight against the stormtroopers.

Stay tuned as more information develops!

(via Rebel Transmission)


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