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Concept: Star Wars: Episode VII Attack of the Wickermen!

We’ve been given another glimpse at some rather weird concept art from Star Wars: Episode VII. This design only ever appears on a white background without any hints as to what kind of environment it inhabits in the film. I’m not at home, so please excuse any typos or confusion that ensue.

The first image is of the full body of the alien. The figure’s face is almost like General Grievous in spirit. White, skeletal, black eye sockets with little pin points or eyes. The mouth is almost like Jerry Lewis style buck teeth. Is it an apparatus?  But make no mistake, he’s scary! The face is totally white but its face looks like a mask, but it appears to be its skin, as its hands are the same color. The head is almost pointed but where a hair line would begin, there’s pointy wicker like brambles sticking straight up. The face is almost as if Satan made an army of Shy Guys from Super Mario Brothers and outfitted them with riffles.

He wears a dirty brown poncho. His boots are sort of like a Tusken Raider’s boots. His pants are tied off. He has a bandolier with bullets and pouches strung across his chest. He has a sniper riffle weapon with a scope on it. At the end of the rifle, the barrel is almost rocket shaped. It clearly isn’t a rocket though. At his waste a leather pouch rest covering his belt line.

He looks like he’s been in the wilderness for sometime.

The second image is a close up of the character’s face. It appears as if this image is elaborating on what the first image sketched out. It is white. His eyes seem pitch black and reflective. The nose is almost human but has no holes. Instead there are two holes on side of the nose, actually on the face from which the creature breaths. It almost reminds me of Jason’s hockey mask in Friday the 13th. The mouth piece is a breathing apparatus in this version. It is some kind of tech. The creature opens its mouth over the device, it probably needs it to breath on the planet. You can see the bullets over his should, bandolier style and the rifle slug over his shoulder. He has a tie that goes over the top of his head and fastens to the point on his head, perhaps to keep the brambles in tact. He seems to have a scarf around his neck in this depiction.

Are the brambles to hide a sniper or are they culturally traditional? There’s no denying the African/Aboriginal influence at play on this character.

Are these the creatures which the Stormtrooper’s fought at the Puzzlewood set battle? There were some creatures rumored to be called “Rockers” at Puzzlewood but the rumors said they were played by little people. This concept appears to be rather tall. I’ve also heard about “Jungle Troopers” using their flame throwers on some creatures in a battle at the same location.

I don’t know much about this creature, only that the designs kick serious ass. Up next we will kill you with cuteness after this scary dude!

Update: The source says the jungle creatures are HUGE. Gareth Edwards “Monsters” huge. So we’re talking smaller than a Zillobeast but much bigger than I thought!



Imagine these guys from the Marvel Cinematic Universe with General Grievous shaped heads and lots of wicker popping out the top of their heads with ponchos on:



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