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Concept: Star Wars: Episode VII’s Muppet Babies.

This piece of concept is interesting for a few reasons. It is the most “prequel” of the conceptual pieces I’ve seen so far. It almost reminds me of a sequence from something out of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. A group of 15 children sit on little mattes on the ground. All of the children are aliens except for one little girl. A teacher stands before them and two of the children raise their hands.

The first kid is a brown alien with long face. The second is a reptile of some sort with really big cute eyes. A child Selkath (canonized in The Clone Wars episode Pursuit of Peace) sits wearing a brown robe, quietly off to the side of the group. The next creature has a tiny head and something akin to Gungan ears, but he’s not one. He’s got a very tiny head and little pin points for eyes. The next alien I want to compare to an undeveloped Hammerhead. It looks like a young one but its head hasn’t grown wider yet. Another child alien with a starfish head looks on (looks like he’s part fish and part bird). One child raises his hand and he has a green shirt with a maroon toga over his shoulder. He looks like he’s something new but hes very Mon Cal in nature (he’s not one). A kid with a diamond shaped head and yellow face paint appears to be bored. There’s a big kid, with a robes on and a little cap on. He might the same race as Droopy McCool. Below him a human girl with blond hair sits watching the teacher’s instructions. Another creature has a head kinda like E.T. in a way but his arms are like Sebulba’s and they have hoofs which touch the ground and help him walk. A blue alien with a camel face looks off to the side while a kid with a pink head that almost looks like its upside down as his mouth is on the top of his head, raises his hand at the teacher. Off to the side a spider kid with 8 eyes and a white hairy body looks worried.

The teacher appears to be the same character we’ve seen in many other concepts. He has a turban on and old skin. Is it just the same race of alien and do they all wear turbans? Or is this the same character we’ve seen meeting “Kira” in the cantina, working on lightsaber crystals, and is there when they activate the saber for the first time? Note: the character when the saber is turned on appears to be much younger in that piece). Maybe he’s considered to be the village elder in the area in which “Kira” grows up? I really can’t say. But this creature is in so many pieces of art now, I’m having a hard time imagining he doesn’t turn up somehow.

There’s a lot to speculate with here. I doubt they would storyboard the backstory. But I did wonder if the human girl was “Kira” at a young age but I don’t buy into flash backs in Star Wars. In the artwork here, the child human girl is about nine or ten years old. The girl has blond hair, a white cloak, black pants, and brown boots on.

We do know the “Tatooine” set had a big marketplace built and seemed to be a thriving place for the area. Is there a chance this person teaches children in it or entertains them with stories and “Kira” approaches him with a found lightsaber as he’s finishing up a class? That’s possible too.


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