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Concept Star Wars: Episode VII Speeder and hero codename details!

Today we will be discussing “Kira’s Speeder” concept art. This piece in question is by artist Thom Tenery who has worked on such films as Oblivion. Interestingly, Kira’s code name in this piece is “Snow Girl.” This is the 3rd version of this piece which features a “sling.” More on the sling in a moment. There’s a chance the snow planet and the rocky sand planet had sequences shifted during the reorganization of the story after Arndt left. We theorize that her name is “Snow Girl” in these desert pieces because that was what she was referenced as before the changes came down. We’re not saying the snow sequences we’ve heard about that were filmed now take place on a rocky sand planet, just that some things that once happened on planet A now take place on planet B.

The speeder is very much the same as the red speeder we talked about before that was approaching the “TMZ” set. However, here, we get a much better look at it.The speeder is grey, dirty, and pretty old looking. We don’t know which speeder is the final version as the red one seems to have less details than this one, but this one is a quicker painting just about the speeder itself.

We’re looking at the left side of the speeder as it races over the desert landscape. “Snow Girl’s” hair is cut short in the front but comes back into a ponytail. Her figure is more of a black silhouette in this piece. The speeder, which is very much a giant skinny box in the front has a glass shield on the front of it to protect the rider from insects and things in the air. Unlike the leaked piece, this one has two engines in the rear that are the same size identically but are not very different. The rear engines also have two pieces of metal that fit onto the sides to protect the engines.

The interesting thing about this one is the “sling.” It’s a net on the side of the speeder. Inside the net, “Snow Girl’s” droid rests securely inside. The droid is a little bit bigger than a basketball. His body is round and his head is about the size of a big cantaloupe. Interestingly, there’s enough room behind “Snow Girl” to store the droid on the back of the seat and lock him in. I theorize that two people (perhaps Boyega) may ride on this speeder with her at one point, so the net was needed to hold the little guy in safely. This is the third version of this speeder and is meant to showcase the droid being held to the left of the ship by a net. It should also be noted that the net stretches from the front of the speeder to where the driver is seated. It goes across the whole front of the boxed portion of the speeder.

We will discuss the new droid and his features this week! Oh boy, does he have features! The brief glimpse people have seen so far have a lot of details about him obscured in the lightsaber activation artwork. So we’ll clear those up very soon.


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