Concept: Star Wars: Episode VII’s Special Forces TIE Fighter!

It is believed that at some point, John Boyega’s character is shot down or crash lands on the planet Daisy Ridley’s character inhabits. He was an Imperial and after the crash, he no longer is. It has been stated she saves him from the wreckage and their bond begins. I doubt they’re best friends from that moment onward, but it brings them together as the story for Star Wars: Episode VII unfolds. The minor details fluctuate. But in every version of the rumor, Boyega is shot down. He is believed to be a Stormtrooper and that was the verbiage used by many sources in England and elsewhere. Is Boyega a TIE Fighter pilot or a Stormtrooper? I think this could confirm that Boyega was a Special Forces trooper which might explain why he’s a Stormtrooper and a pilot. I’m guessing he’s like the ARC Troopers from the Clone Wars for Stormtroopers.

I have seen two paintings from the crash and what appears to be a 3D model of the ship pre-crash. The paintings are insanely detailed and there was a lot of tender love and care put into getting these right. In fact, I think they might be my favorite of the bunch so far.

The Special Forces TIE Fighter. Lets talk about the piece before it is all beat up. This piece is by Fausto De Martini who has worked on World of Warcraft, Robocop (2014), Transformers Age of Extinction and now Star Wars: Episode VII. This is one of the rare occasions I can read the signature of the artist.

The new Special Forces TIE Fighter is very much the same classic TIE Fighter from the front. But it is black. It isn’t a dull black either, it kind of a shiny black on the body, closer to Darth Vader’s shine than the classic dark TIE Fighter dull black paint. The wings are exactly the same as the TIE wings we’ve seen in the past. The distinguishing feature on these new TIEs is the red markings near the glass cockpit. It is painted red.  If the front of the TIE was a clock, two, three, and four o’clock are red on the right. On the left, eight, nine, and ten o’clock are red in that area. The same goes for the back of the fighter.

On the model and the concept pieces, the right side of the TIE body has an antenna. In the near crashed concept, it appears to be a few things sticking up straight.  In the front painting, it appears to be more of a panel. In the 3D model, it appears to be a panel on the top and the bottom of the body.

Where the body meets the wings has a something that’s a little difficult to describe. It looks like giant metal tires against the wing. It’s about that size. So where the body meets the wing is almost reinforced. I don’t think this TIE’s wings fly off when it bumps into something. I wonder if they were placed there to justify the TIE crashing into the sand and its wings still staying on?

The back of the TIE  has two thrusters. Each booster is like a hexagon cut in half with a hole where the thrust comes out. They don’t stick out that from the the body. In between them is a black band that makes me think of the Sith Infiltrator, Darth Maul’s ship from Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.

The ship appears to have crashed while tilting to the right. The right wing is in the dirt a lot more than the left. The cockpit is touching the dirt, tilting forward. The wings are shredded at points. The wiring from the wings is bending. They better contact their intergalactic insurance company, this TIE is totaled. The thing is on fire. Debris is scattered everywhere.




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