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Concepts: The Rebel Ships of Star Wars: Episode VII Part 1 The U-wing Fighter!

I love this concept. The new U-Wing Fighter by artist Fausto De Martini kicks so much ass and evokes a deep seated feeling of “holy crap, that’s Star Wars!” The design really feels like something that belongs in the sequel to Return of the Jedi. If you’re familiar with the cartoon series Droids it would sometimes hit the right design beats to capture that special essence and this ship does that but better than that series ever did.

First lets describe the shape of the U-wing Fighter. The “U” is more of a half circle. It’s a very wide “U.”  The “U” shape is not very thick, no thicker than the body of the ship and the cockpit. It is basically a “U” with a Y-wing styled body coming out of the center of the “U” in essence. Honestly, the U is more like a “C” but the artwork says “U-wing” so I’m going with that.

The “U” has two thruster engines at each end. There is a center rear thruster as well. So there’s a thruster in the middle rear and on the ends of the “U.”  The thrusters on the ends of the “U” have small short wings that go up and down with laser guns on them (the wings kind of evoke the B-wing).

The cockpit and body connects to the center of the U. The cockpit reminds me of the front of the the Phantom from Star Wars Rebels, however, the cockpit is rounded like a Mig 29 jet. Underneath the cockpit, there are two laser guns just like on the Phantom as well. Another similarity is the coloring and the yellow paint along the trim and the thrusters.

Just behind the cockpit, Artoo-Detoo sits just how he does in the classic X-wing designs. Artoo ends up in many of these ship designs.

The straight on look of the design if it were flying at you is almost TIE Fighter-like in a sense. You see the center cockpit the body and wings that go straight up and down. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t like a TIE at all in appearance but the straight on design is.

The cockpit is dark but I almost think it holds two people.

I love this design a lot. I think it we don’t see in Star Wars: Episode VII we will see it elsewhere. It’s too good to be thrown away.


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