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Concepts: The Rebel Ships of Star Wars: Episode VII Part 4 The V-wing Fighter!

Star Wars: Episode VII has conducted some concepts for the V-wing Fighter. The ship is grey, “V” shaped, two engines on both sides of the canopy with two short wings that have tiny fins on them. An Artoo sits behind the pilot. Like all the ships talked about so far, the ship is letter-shaped, grey with yellow and red paint. The ship is also very weathered and “lived in” so to speak. Fausto De Martini is the artist behind this work.

Read on for further discussion on the new ship.

Star Wars: Episode III had the Alpha Nimbus “V-wing” but really, I’m just showing you this to confuse you:











The ship drawn up for Star Wars: Episode VII is a lot different. In fact, it is entirely different and doesn’t really seem to take many design cues from the Clone War era fighter. The ships from the prequel era evolved into and evoked the TIE Fighter. The new ship seems like an A-wing and Zam Wesell’s speeder from Attack of the Clones had a baby than a TIE.

The body reminds me of Zam’s speeder if the “fork” in the front and the back where close together. The ship forks in the front and the back but its not a big gap at all, its like a foot wide at the most. The canopy is like that of an X-wing fighter. The “V” shape is formed by the wings. If this “V” where the fighter, it would be flying up to the top of this page, directionally speaking. In other words the top of the “V” is the front of the ship.   The Artoo unit sits just behind the pilot. The engines are basically two X-wing engines on each side of the cockpit. The body of the ship is like a speeder you might see in Attack of the Clones but with X-wing engines on the side and then wings with fins. The engines intakes are connected to the body and then the thrusters are smaller and skinnier.

Okay, I was a little wrong about saying it doesn’t take much from the Episode III V-wing, it does have tiny little wings that fold out off the main wings which could evoke the Episode III design. I would compare the fins on the wings on this fighter to the Jedi Starfighters from Revenge of the Sith. The fins are smaller but still say “hey, I’m part TIE you know?”

Under the cockpit there are two thin laser guns.

As I’ve said before, describing this stuff isn’t easy. The concepts are abstract. I’m sure some “guy on a forum” knows how to do it better, but I’m doing my best. Also the forum guy is really cool, knows martial arts, drives a Lambo, and has a trophy wife. I know this because the “forum guy’s” ego says it all.



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