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Concepts: The Rebels Ships of Star Wars: Episode VII Part V and VI E-wing/C-Wing!

For now, I believe this will end our series on the rebel spaceship concept art. It admittedly hasn’t been easy. I considered not describing them but I figured I enjoyed hearing about them before I ever saw them so the reasonably enthusiastic fan base would rather hear about them than not. For those that find it frustrating, and believe me, it can be frustrating to try and write about this stuff, no one made you read it. Most people seemed to have enjoyed it though and that made it worth it. I hope these final two designs at least paint somewhat of an image of these final two ships. As always, we don’t know which ships if any made into the final film.

Both designs today are by designer Fausto De Martini. The E-wing is grey with red paint while the C-wing is grey with yellow paint. But both ships are very different from one another.

The E-wing Fighter very much reminds me of the Clone Wars’ LAAT ships. The shape is the very much the same in terms of the profile. But there’s nothing rounded on it. Most of the Star Wars: Episode VII ships have very straight lines and non of the artisanship of the prequel era. This stuff looks mass produced and utilitarian. The cockpit is the same as the LAAT in most respects. Two windows, two people sit inside. On the LAAT the wings arc down, but on the E-wing they arc upward. It has a big engine on top and a big engine on the bottom. It honestly doesn’t really convey and “E” to me unless you take the engines and look at the intake and the additional intake above and below the engine which kind of give is that “E” shape. The wings have X-wing styled laser guns on the tips. The ship is completely silver with red paint on the nose and top fins the engines attach to. While the ship is pretty much an LAAT with an engine on the top and the bottom, where the Clones would hang out inside is all engine, this is an attack ship.

The C-wing Fighter is very much a 90° right angle. The “C” shape is once again there but with out an arc or curve to it at all. This shuttle has a canopy like an A-wing but its off to the side on the left of the front of the ship which is like a Y-wing’s front but with a huge laser gun on the right side, opposite of where the pilot sits. There is a socket for an Artoo unit behind the pilot. Behind that huge laser gun is an engine in the front. Then it has a fin going down the bottom like a B-wing with a gun below it. and one huge engine in the rear and a mini-engine above it. This ship is just really abstract and nearly impossible to describe.

The only problem with the C-wing is there is no way for it to land. McQuarrie and Johnston’s designs were always easy to figure out. You could see how it would function. The C-wing seems far from functional at this phase of design unless they change it somehow and gave it functionality. My personal guess is it will not appear in the film in this form, but that’s just a guess.

That will conclude our series on rebel ship concept art for now. Collectively, they showcase a really great angle and design effort to bring us into a post-Return of the Jedi galaxy. I think their direction is rather wonderful where they seem to be going. I think it really brings us into a “classic” feeling but with fresh, new, and creative designs.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but a friend and I were having a conversation and they noted that they were going to make a ton of toys from this film. But I honestly don’t feel a lot of the weirder stuff is going to be made. When you think about it, they’re going to roughly have a year to promote and sell Star Wars: Episode VII toys before the first spin-off hits. Then a year until Star Wars: Episode VIII. I don’t think they’re going to have to make anything in these films for merchandise because there simply won’t be enough time to get to it all. Thankfully, nothing feels like it is being done just to make toys, at least not from what I’ve seen so far.


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