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Concepts: Six Rebels for Star Wars: Episode VII’s Greenham Common location.

This piece of concept art is sort of interesting because it features a group of resistance fighters or rebels. But the interesting part is it features the only person anywhere in any of the art that resembles Adam Driver. It isn’t immediately apparent that it is Adam Driver intentionally or accidentally. After seeing the snap shot of someone looking like Adam Driver on the rebel base I figure it is worth mentioning. Deep down where it feels good, I think these are simply extras. But there are some possible connections to other actors I am going to note. But I’m only doing so because I really don’t know if there is a connection or not and I want to cover all the bases. But lets just say these are probably designs to get the look of the Greenham Common extras down.

The painting features six people dressed just like the extras at Greenham Common’s rebel base set. I am inclined to say this piece is simply to get a feel for the extras of the film, but I also think it is worth noting that one also has hair similar to Oscar Issac and another like Daisy Ridley. However, I do not want to overstate the importance of the piece so I’m just noting the coincidence to these things. Sorry to reiterate but I want to be as a clear as possible. There is also a chance all hipster aged people look the same to me.

This piece features six people. Three women, three men, all standing against a white backdrop. The women do not have weapons and the men do. Yeah, I know. Overall the painting is very 1980s, almost like Duran Duran goes to World War I in space.

The first fighter is  male, early twenties, he  has Adam Driver’s haircut, longer, and kind of swooped to the side. Dark hair. He wears a mustard tunic, closed, with a black best. He has dark brown pants. He wears boots but the ankles are wrapped in white like Anakin Skywalker’s in The Phantom Menace. He looks directly at the camera, blaster in hand and at his side.

The second is a woman with red hair. She has her bangs cut straight across and her hair is as long as tunic’s collar. Her hands are on his hips. She has a holster but no gun. Her tunic has a high collar and is a very dark brown, almost reddish. The tunic is not unlike an Imperials tunic, but make no mistake, these aren’t imperials. Her pants are tan, legs wrapped in dark wrappings with black boots.  I can see how someone might have seen this painting and decided the singer from Florence And The Machine was in the in film.

The third guy in the middle has thick curly hair, parted to the side. His hair is longer. He looks like Oscar Issac playing the bounty hunter from Critters. I know I just lost most of you with that one, but that’s what he looks like. His tunic is similar to the same dark green as Grand Moff Tarkin’s in A New Hope. His pants also match his shirt and his pants are tucked into his dark brown boots. He has a huge gun. It looks like a machine gun and he has a black strap slung over his shoulder to help him manage the oversize weapon.

The fourth fighter is a woman. Her head is covered by a dark brown scarf covering ears and most of her forehead. She reminds me of a doctor but I have no reason to say she is one. Her tunic is a little more Jedi-like (she’s not a Jedi). It is dark and dingy but her undershirt is high collared, long sleeved and white. The tunic cuts down like a V at the neck with a belt bisecting it. The tunic goes to just below her hips. Her pants are dark and her wraps around her ankles match her white undershirt, but they’re dirty and her boots are black. Unlike the first three fighters, she looks off to the side and not at the camera itself.

The fifth fighter reminds me of Daisy Ridley a bit. But once again, I have serious doubts it is supposed to be her. She stands looking off camera, her left shoulder pointed towards the camera. She wears a simple long sleeved brown shirt, black pants, brown wraps at the ankles, and boots. She doesn’t appear to have a weapon on her. Her hair might be the same as the red haired woman but I can’t be totally sure, but if it is, it certainly rules out the possibility she’s Daisy Ridley’s “Kira.”

The sixth and final fighter is a male. He looks like he belongs in Duran Duran’s “Wild Boys” video with a new wave hair cut swooped to the side, covering his left eye and sort of longer in the back. His tunic is red. It has an opening so the belt can go into the sides of the tunic but the belt is not showing in the front. His hair is very emo. He has a blaster in his hand similar to the ones the old Kenner figures had like the TIE pilot. His pants are dark and his leg wraps are a dingy dark green with black boots.

I do think the looks when put altogether looks good. Their costumes do remind me of Naboo extras if they were militarized. You can see how this civilization probably once resembled the Naboo-like clothing and how they went to war and are something else now.



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