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Concepts of Star Wars: Episode VII Han Solo

On the last crazy episode of Now, This is Podcasting! I misspoke! No, that one guy is still a huge idiot. However, all the concept art I had seen for Star Wars: Episode VII was a paper doll in a few different stances with the costumes digitally painted (I think) over the various poses. Well, it turns out that not all the costumes were done in this fashion. Some are just straight paintings of the costumes. This week we have talked a lot about Han Solo and today I saw a new Han Solo design.

The design is not unlike the Indie Revolver “duster” design from a few months back. I do think this design is a little cooler, personally. I hope they went with it over the design we saw from our bud at Indie Revolver.

This painting is of Han Solo against a grey cloudy backdrop. The backdrop is just impressionistic and not indicative of anything from the film as far as I can tell. Han Solo wears a duster that goes below his knee the duster is brown like in the leaked concept, however, it is longer and more like his Endor trench coat. The coat is the same brown as the other concept. Han Solo has very white hair in this concept. He’s clearly older.

Under the coat he’s wearing his classic vest and his shirt is very much the same style of classic Han Solo shirts from in the A New Hope style. I think this is the biggest improvement over the other design as the shirt looks less like the kind of a shirt someone wearing a bolo tie would wear and more like a gunfighter’s shirt.

Han Solo wears light brown gloves and they don’t go up very far, you can see the skin of his wrists. His classic blaster is his right hand. His holster is brown and ties around his leg. It stands out against the black or dark pants he’s wearing. However, in this instance his pants are tucked into his black boots. It gives him an air of sophistication.

While this piece isn’t drastically different than the last one we saw, the shirt it better, the pants are cooler, but conceptually it is the same.

The point: Han Solo probably wears a cool duster in Star Wars: Episode VII.


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