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Concepts: Star Wars: Episode VII’s Female Mechanic Hero!

Today we’re mainly looking at a piece of art for Star Wars: Episode VII by Christian Alzmann. Alzmann worked on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Star Trek into Darkness, Attack of the Clones, and many other well designed films.

It appears “Kira” takes after Anakin Skywalker a little and is very mechanically inclined.

We are looking at the face of a girl looking into an engine. The girl is the “Kira” character looking into the engine and she has goggles on that cover heard forehead just down to the tip of her nose. The goggle lenses remind me of Anakin Skywalker’s Podracing helmet. Her hair is cut shorter, kind of like Joan of Arc in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The upper side of the goggle mask has a red light that allows her to see what’s working on. She holds a tool in her mouth while her left hand holds another tool with two forks that she’s using to repair the engines.

If this were a photograph, the camera would be placed inside the engine looking outward toward the garage and the girl would be peaking inside it.

The painting appears to be set inside a garage of some kind. Looking at the way the light comes in from the door, it appears to be on the rocky sand planet. Judging by past pieces of art, this is probably the interior of the AT-AT garage we broke sometime ago.

Behind “Kira,” there are two engines, about the size of a small Podracer engine and lots of dust particles in the light emanating from the open door.

The new hero’s costume appears to be based on this design but greatly enhanced and with a high collar:













The materials of her costume are a lot more “lived in” as well. Her gloves are always fingerless too. Each costume of this design features the same general tones of blue and brown.

Interestingly, there’s another design from July of 2013 that’s more “cartoon” like in nature. She has a blaster at her side in this one. But the goggle piece is white. The goggles have a visor and the visor flips up to reveal the goggle lenses and the pieces is moved down on the head to see what one is working on.

In all the various incarnations of the costume seen by me, she’s wearing those key colors of blue, tan, and white. They are all an extrapolation of the McQuarrie classic look but all feature a wind scarf of some type. She generally has goggles too if she’s working on something or riding a speeder through the desert.

The more I see of “Kira,” the more I like the direction they’re taking our new hero.




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