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A description of a creature and a crystal from Star Wars: Episode VII

Here is another description of a piece of art created for Star Wars: Episode VII:

A dark room. Brick walls.  An alien creature sits at a table in the dark. On the table there is a bright fire which illuminates the room. The fire is not huge, but it heats a crystal sitting on a perch just over the fire. The blue crystal looks like it is for a laser sword. The creature has brown wrinkled skin and we see his profile as he faces to the right of the room. He looks similar to the creature in another piece, but very old, and it isn’t clear if he’s of the same species or not. On the table there are lots of tools. None of the tools are particularly technologically advanced. The tools on the table all appear to be brass. The creature wears a red tunic with a red head band. His arms appear to be at his side and under the table as he watches the crystal heat over the flames.

The creature is very Star Wars but might also be at home in The Dark Crystal.

The creature working on the crystal resembles the Felucians from Star Wars: The Clone Wars if they were textured in old wrinkled brown skin.

CasissI cannot say with 100% accuracy it is a Felucian but it is very close and the concept art appears to show more of an overbite than the Felucian from The Clone Wars.

I also should note that in the initial description of the laser sword being activated, I thought they were outside in the cover of night. They might be in something closer to a catacomb. I can’t say with certainty if this crystal worker is repairing the saber they will turn on in the other depiction, or if this is for another weapon.

It appears both John Boyega’s character and Daisy Ridley’s character use laser swords, but it isn’t clear if they have them before the film begins or if they acquire them over the course of the story. It also isn’t clear if this creature is the same one from the R2 unit picture or an elder of his.


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