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Descriptions of Han Solo’s Star Wars: Episode VII costume concepts.

Indie Revolver posted two concepts for Han Solo’s costumes in Star Wars: Episode VII. The first showed an older Han Solo in a Hoth outfit, fairly close to his Empire Strikes Back snow going clothes. The other featured Han Solo with a duster on, evoking his Endor look in a slightly new way. In their pieces, Han Solo has his blaster out ready to shoot at the same time as Greedo. The pose on the art I’ve seen has Han in a little more casual stance, no blasters.

One new piece I’ve seen has Han Solo equipped a little more practical for the snow planet we see will likely see in Star Wars: Episode VII. That planet isn’t as cold as Hoth, it has trees and life on it. So Han solo wears black boots, black pants, a his classic white shirt, a black vest but the coat over it is interesting. The coat he wears it just like the one George Lucas wore during the making of the original trilogy. The left side of the coat has a breast pocket. Han Solo looks pretty cool in this piece. Basically just put George Lucas’ sheep skin lined coat on the classic Han Solo costume with black pants and you’ve got the picture.

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The next piece is casual Han. In this piece he’s in a different stance than the Indie Revolver duster costume. But he’s just wearing black pants and a white shirt. The white shirt is the same as the shirt he’s wearing in the Indie Revolver concept for the duster coat. Interestingly, when he has no coat on, he has double gun holsters, one one each side. This Han costume is ready to go to a gun fight.

These concepts coupled with the Indie Revolver concepts show us a Han Solo that enters every rumored environment from Star Wars: Episode VII.
All of the concepts feature Han Solo with the same head. So it is like they’re painting a paper doll and the only thing that changes is the slightly different stances and accessories.


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