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Exclusive Photos of a Stormtrooper on the Set of Star Wars: Episode VII!

Today we have some photos of a Stormtrooper in some ruins. I believe this to be the new Jungle/Incendiary Stormtrooper design. The Stormtroopers apparently kill and torch a local village. They encounter large monsters on their way to the ancient ruins to recover something.

I love this story. Alan and Paul. Two friends. They go out for the day at a nearby park. They know Star Wars: Episode VII is filming nearby. They decide to have a look and they actually see something. You can’t tell me if you’re reading this site, you haven’t had that fantasy at least ten times this week. Well, these buds took the journey and it actually happened. They actually heard Han Solo’s voice and saw Stormtroopers. It is just insane it happened and it did happen! There’s photographic proof.

Some images are from the lot where they seem to be dumping a lot of trees, vines and rocks which I believe must be props, the other 4 are from the area around the blue screens, the castle/megaliths/ruins…and a Stormtrooper, well, just about.

Unfortunately they’re not quite as vivid as we’d have liked, but with a bit of zooming you should definitely be able to make out the Stormtrooper. There were 4 I think in this area, running through the explosions, I think I remember another 4 or so coming from the opposite direction, but that was not all…

Amongst the ruins were signs of high technology, apparently abandoned, something which reminded me of the guns on the X-wing sticking out of the ground, antenna, and this nearly made me fall out the tree; what looked like the middle section of a TIE fighter! I don’t think that’s what it was as it was probably a bit too small. It was black with a strip around it like a window, and I’d say it looked big enough for maybe one or two people – if indeed it was a ship.

My phone ran out of battery pretty soon after I took the photos of the Stormtrooper, frustrating but to be honest it was an experience that took us both, I think, back to that magical place from our childhoods and we were obviously really lucky to have been there! The smoke from the explosions gave the area a misty look as if we were on Dagobah or something! To hear ‘Run Chewie’, coming, unmistakably from the mouth of Han/Harrison Ford… it was electric! I think that moment… It was confirmation that this film IS STAR WARS!

I have to say, between this, the concept art, and some other things, it really seems like the galaxy is just a huge dump after years of war with wreckage everywhere!


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