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Future Star Wars casting is starting to heat up a little?

Remember when they were seeing a bajllion candidates to star in Star Wars: Episode VII?  Well that process wasn’t just for Star Wars: Episode VII. Apparently they saw some really amazing people and those amazing people just weren’t the right fit for the roles in that film. But that never meant they weren’t right for future projects and according to one rumor, there is even concept art for the next round of Star Wars projects based on the look of these potential candidates (I don’t have it).

When casting was being conducted, I was in contact with a few people in the process that were being seen for potential roles and sometimes we were in contact with their family members even. The interesting part is that now we are about a year out from when that process began. The story is that some of those people are being contacted again to be seen for future Star Wars projects. It could be a spin-off, Star Wars: Episode VIII, or even a mini-series for an outlet like Netflix. We don’t know and they don’t know either. They are simply being asked if they would like to meet to discuss “Star Wars” again and I doubt any of them are saying no.

We’re not a Hollywood scoop site. But I imagine as we move forward in the near future, the film blogs will probably be able to elaborate on this a bit better than we can from our positionality in the grand scheme of things.

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