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Greig Fraser to be cinematographer on first Star Wars stand-alone spin-off film!

Our homies at Star Wars Underworld pointed us toward this: Hitfix has confirmed that Greig Fraser will be the cinematographer on Gareth Edwards and Gary Whitta’s untitled Star Wars stand-alone spin-off film.

And you’re doing a “Star Wars” movie!

And then I’m doing a fucking “Star Wars” movie, which is like – I don’t know about you but “Star Wars” is like my first film love, do you know what I mean?

Fraser has a lot of films under his belt, a lot of gritty stuff and a lot of good looking stuff too. So we’re pretty lucky to have him on a Star Wars film I think. What it does tell me, personally, is that unless they hired Fraser to mimic the look of past Star Wars films, this stand-alone film is going to look really different than what we’ve seen from Star Wars before.

I know some fans are going to be shocked by this quote from Fraser:

I hadn’t seen “Godzilla” when I took “Star Wars.” I haven’t seen movies in ages because of the kids but I sat down and I watched it with him and we talked about all the pros and all the cons. And we basically just talked about what we loved about each of the [“Star Wars”] films and what we hated about each of the films.
But really, that’s the best thing we could have heard from Fraser’s mouth. They’re going to try and capture what they thought looked fantastic in Star Wars and the “hate” part means they’re going to look at Star Wars with a critical lens (no pun intended). That’s what we need moving forward with new Star Wars films. It means they’re attempting to make a contribution to what Star Wars is rather than just mimicking the past. That’s very exciting news for us fans.
Fraser also goes onto to say he doesn’t think there’s a right answer in the digital versus film debate. I would personally like to see the stand-alone spin-offs take digital forward, continuing the revolution George Lucas started, but with the impression I’m getting from the Edwards movie, I think film might be best.
Hopefully we get to know what Edwards, Whitta, and Fraser are working on soon. The rumor is its a Boba Fett film but at this point, we don’t officially know anything. I have no idea why its being held back at this point if it is Boba. I look forward to a film that makes Boba a great character on his own merit instead of a nicely designed plot device. The future of Star Wars cinema is going to be fun.


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