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Star Wars: Episode VII: Stormtroopers in disguise?

This is really interesting. We heard a rumor that Han Solo dresses up in the new Stormtrooper and that the reason was clever in the film. It wasn’t really enough to make up update about so we just kind of sat on it.  Our friends from yesterday who shared the Stormtrooper pictures with us have been divulging everything they encountered and saw that day:

One other thing! Between takes the Stormtroopers removed their helmets and they each had a protective black head sock on for their hair/ears that went down to their neck. On the far left hand side there was a Stormtrooper who had no head sock on and it looked like he had medium length hair that was styled. There was activity around this one particular Stormtrooper from people on the set. It looked like he was reading from a clip board and had make up artists around him.
Not sure who this was but it looked like he could have been shooting the scene without any helmet. I can not say whether it was Harrison Ford but he fit the description.
In what would (if it turns out to be true) be complete fan service, there is a sequence involving Han Solo having to disguise himself as – wait for it – a stormtrooper.
1. We heard the rumor.
2. People providing photo evidence think they might have seen Han Solo in Stormtrooper gear.
3. TFN heard the rumor too and we never discussed it with anyone from TFN.
Interesting, right? It is kind of crazy how this stuff lined up.


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