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HUGE RUMOR FOLLOW UP: Star Wars: Episode VII: Remember your failure back at the cave!

The controversial report we ran earlier in the week about Luke Skywalker might have another dimension to it. If you read the earlier report the gist of it was rather startling. Many let out a Darth Vader sized “Nooooooooooo!” and others responded with “that’s impossible!” The rumor was going around all the film blogs, some were teasing it. It was okay for them to know it, but not you. It was going to come out and it was going to be filtered through a cynical lens. So I shared it because I honestly thought it was risky, exciting and I’m an enthusiastic fan.

Since running the report I have received some follow-ups that state:

There’s a twist, leave it at that.

That’ what I have been told from trusted friends. The other things I’ve been told amount to that too. No one really wants to touch it. But that’s the thesis behind my inquiries all around.

What kind of twist could there be? Well, from the art we know about “Kira” enters a “cave.” She thinks she’s going to find Luke Skywalker. Instead she encounters a cyborg. There’s some conflict and then she’s held in the cyborg’s clutches. Meanwhile the Falcon is docked outside the castle’s “cave” or “dungeon” setting. Metaphorically whether its a cave or dungeon, it means the same thing.

I think there’s a chance this is her “cave” sequence like Luke Skywalker’s in The Empire Strikes Back. This could be like Luke Skywalker going into the cave and cutting off Darth Vader’s head. Only we have seen images of Luke swinging at Vader and his head being cut off. So we assume Luke Skywalker cuts off Darth Vader’s head in The Empire Strikes Back (had the internet existed). Only there was a twist in the sequence. It was a vision.

Could it be a vision? Could it be “Kira’s” test? Might she enter the cave, fail, exit and find the man she was looking for standing there? Wouldn’t that mean she would be the cyborg in the film?

It is worth noting that this sequence is believed to be what was filmed at Michael Skellig over the Summer and most likely the interior shots would have been conducted at Pinewood.

I know some will be annoyed I’ve presented an alternative possibility, but there is one.

Another afterthought:

I have been told Max von Sydow represents “Kira” if she doesn’t change her life. She can easily become him if she doesn’t alter her life’s path. It could be interesting if her fate still rests around the cyborg motif. Just a thought.


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