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HUGE RUMOR: Star Wars: Episode VII’s “I am your father” sized moment.

First disclaimer: The post below is what could be the “I am your father” moment from Star Wars: Episode VII. If you’re someone that never really knows if you want to read spoilers, don’t read this. If you’re someone that goes on Twitter and just tweets out things without thinking, please think. I am of the mindset that spoilers do not ruin films, just bad execution does. Not everyone agrees, so let’s respect others’ wishes for how they want to celebrate Star Wars in this era. Once again, don’t spoil this for anyone but yourself.

Second Disclaimer: There are pieces of this puzzle missing. There are things I don’t understand. There are things that don’t really add up unless you’ve seen what I’ve seen. Does that make sense? I hope it does. Just remember, I have reason to believe in this possibility right now. This is informed speculation. This could all be wrong, but the rumors and the pictures are painting another picture. I hope that’s very clear.

If you’ve changed your mind, enjoy this picture and exit through the gift shop (meaning go to and buy yourself a cool Star Wars shirt):

Spoiler Luke

If this is accurate, this is a ballsy, gutsy move. This will go down as the most daring move since The Empire Strikes Back‘s “No, I am your father” sequence.

If you will recall, we’ve seen photos of a cyborg bad guy from Indie Revolver. What you can’t see is that the evil dude has a very human mouth. A familiar mouth, even. All of the pieces out there show a human male, with a mask obscuring part of his face, with one red eye, and a familiar cloak we haven’t seen since Return of the Jedi.

One piece shows this cloaked figure holding the helmet of Darth Vader. The helmet is warped as it has been burned in a fire. The figure almost looks at the helmet with remorse and regret. The background in this image is an Imperial Star Destroyer. The monster holds the helmet in his left hand while his right hand is shown to be very similar to Anakin Skywalker’s and perhaps Luke Skywalker’s. I made an error in a previous report and thought the drunkard at the bar had the same had as the J.J. picture and I think I was wrong now after seeing how close this one is to it. The second concept is similar but he’s holding another burned Vader helmet that is destroyed in a different way, most just kind of flaking and breaking at the top.

This cloaked cyborg character seems to have a lot of reverence for Darth Vader. Maybe even love. The burned up prop for Darth Vader’s helmet is code named “ZorroHat” with the description “Helmet Burnt.” The wire used to fuse the helmet together looks like little Imperial symbol hexagons, it’s very subtle too.

Many rumors became to fall into place thanks to the next images.

A picture believed to be from the middle of the film shows a mountainous snow planet. (Not Hoth, okay?) “Kira” holds her blue laser sword behind her as if she is trying to run. With her back to the cyborg, he has his fingers in the classic “Darth Vader” force pinch posture and is perhaps pulling her laser sword out of her hand. Behind him, her companion attempts to get up, probably to sneak attack the cyborg. Note: this piece has yet again, another face. It looks like a Darth Vader mouth piece but the eyes look red and sunken in like Vader’s but harder to make out since he’s in the foreground.

The black figure sits on a throne. He’s cloaked. We see him from the side. His boots are not unlike Anakin Skywalker’s from Revenge of the Sith. He is approached by “Kira.” The light from outside the shrine emanates from the door way and she walks through it. The cloaked figure sits in darkness, a natural red/yellow fiery light behind him, almost like amber backlights the figure.

According to a source, “Kira” believes she is there to meet Luke Skywalker, but instead she finds the monster.

In another depiction, she is facing the camera, the cyborg character is embracing her and the look on her face is one of resignation and defeat. We are looking over a character’s shoulder, of what is believed to be Boyega’s character.

There is a rumor she is evil. I think the film might leave off with the revelation she has joined the figure’s faction. Her in-progress romance with her companion is clearly halted in this moments and shelved for the next films.

I believe this is the interior of the Michael Skellig set. There is a giant castle on that island area and this is interior “throne room,” if you will. It is like a cave but mechanical and dark. Think of McQuarrie’s lava throne for Darth Vader concept if you’ve seen it. It is similar in idea.

In another picture, we see the Falcon parked outside on a landing platform which makes me think two character enter and only one flees with the crew of the Falcon at the end of the film.

So why does “Kira” appear to give up? The reason for her resignation? The cyborg is none other than Luke Skywalker. The revelation beats “Kira” and her quest becomes hopeless. She resigns herself to joining the figure who is the opposite of what she hoped to find. The evil she sought to vanquish with the power of Luke Skywalker, is Luke Skywalker.

We are left not knowing the future and how this happened. The cloak appears to be especially close to Luke Skywalker’s Return of the Jedi cloak as well.

After thoughts:

What is up with that beard Mark Hamill is growing? Is it a ruse? I have no idea. Does the cybernetic jaw implant cover it? Is it mean to make us think he’s the Obi-Wan when he’s really the Darth Vader? I don’t know! It doesn’t make sense. The one thing I will say, since the start of filming, that beard has not been consistent. It just keeps getting longer. Not sure if that makes sense or not. I hate conspiracy theories, but there you have it. I don’t want to be the guy to ask if this is our “Obi-Wan is your father” moment with the beard. But I can’t help it after seeing this stuff.

Is there a chance this is Adam Driver? Yep! If the Luke Skywalker twist isn’t accurate, I guess it must be Driver. However, we’ve seen Driver on the rebel base and there hasn’t been an indication he’s the evil guy that has stood firm since the pre-casting announcement.

Strangely, a bearded Luke Skywalker concept is nowhere to be found. If the rumors add up and this explains the ending of the film and the rumors are true that “Kira” is evil, this explains it. Because there is no way they did droves of good “Kira” concept art only to have her be a villain on screen.

There’s no confirmation of this. If it’s true, I don’t think there can be a confirmation. I don’t see any of my sources jumping to confirm it and the sources that have hinted at this don’t seem to want to go any further on it. This is the way the wind appears to be blowing right now. Don’t shoot the messenger. I could be cryptic and weird all day or I can throw this out there and let you decide what you think. I wish I could share what I’ve seen, but I cannot.

Hey, maybe this is all wrong, but that’s the picture this is painting right now.


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