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Rumor: Man witnesses Star Wars: Episode VII filming from Black Park outside Pinewood Studios?

Today I received an email from  a man who says he saw some filming from Star Wars: Episode VII in person. Here’s what he wrote:
I was in Black Park on Wednesday, which is a nurture reserve next to Pinewood Studios. You can view the outside filming lot and with a bit of tree climbing I witnessed a scene being shot.
The scene involved a set which looked like ancient ruins but with a hint of advanced technology i.e. the ruins had electronic doors & scrap spaceships. Think of a castle and you’re there.
Anyway, the scene involved explosions and Stormtroopers chasing someone. The only dialogue I could hear was what sounded like Han Solo saying “Run Chewie!” You could hear J.J. talking over the megaphone a couple of times but a Scottish voice seemed to be doing all the talking. I thought he was saying “Dan” and “Chewie” but it could of been “Han.”
Oh yeah, an old flag was draped over the ruins & it looked as though it was red & white.
Thanks to Paul for passing on what he saw!
Update: Paul also added:
Further up there is a disposal yard for the studios. Loads of Palm trees dumped, I’m talking loads.


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