Russia had their first Comic Con and Кирилл Лоссовик was awesome enough to send us  a report and pictures. Enthusiastic fans from around the world are really cool.

First let me thank you for the wonderfull site. It’s really great. Very informative ! Visit it every day and love it.
I don’t know is this interesting for you, but maybe.
We here in Moscow Russia had the first ever Comic Con in Moscow Russia. And Disney with Star Wars was there:)))
It took place these days – 02 october – 05 october. It was so cool there being with a lot of Star Wars fans there. There were people of 501 legion :)))
But the most exited for me was Mary Franklin from Lucasfilm who attended the event:))))
We had the “Rebels Spark of Rebellion” screening, which was stunning.
I did some pictures of the event. The one who is on speeder bike and with Mary Franklin is me.

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Thank you, Кирилл Лоссовик for the pics and it sounds like you had a great time!