See the new rad trailer for Star Wars Costumes: The Original Trilogyby Brandon Alinger!

I’m not reviewing the book yet, not until the street date. I don’t think Chronicle Books will get mad at me for telling you to preorder the book now and that it is a most own. Chronicle sent me a copy for review and I’ve read it from cover to cover twice already. It will sit nicely up there on your bookcase with J.W. Rinzler’s Making of books and the two recent Storyboards offerings. The book is essential to anyone that cares about the making of the finest space opera of all time.

Star Wars® Costumes: The Original Trilogy

By Brandon Alinger, Forewords by John Mollo, Aggie Rodgers, and Nilo Rodis-Jamero


9.25 x 12.75 in in; 232 pp;
ISBN 9781452138053


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