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Star Wars: Episode VII Concept Art Description: The Laser Sword Ice Capade

There is an Indie Revolver piece that showed someone with a green laser sword fighting in front of the Falcon in  a snowy area. I think I may have seen the painting that is sequenced before it.

The scene is shot from the ground level. The ground is covered in snow. A lightsaber resembling Luke Skywalker’s in Return of the Jedi (EDIT It is likely Obi-Wan’s lightsaber from A New Hope) is sticking straight up in the snow, deactivated. If the sword were activated, its blade would protrude into the ground below it. The saber is just sticking out of the snow ready to be grabbed by someone. However, standing in front of the laser sword is a vision of evil. The figure stands with a red lightsaber activated. It appears to have a bald head, but the details of the face are hidden in shadow. Its left leg is either armored in chrome or robotic, it isn’t entirely clear. Two characters, one appears to have fallen over, and the other wants the saber, but this evil figure is between them and the weapon that just may save their lives.

The figure on the right, who has slumped down in the snow, appears to be dressed very similar to Lando in The Empire Strikes Back and he may have a gun in his hand (its a bit impressionistic). I don’t think based on the agility of the character in the sequence he’s supposed to be 80 year old Lando but there have been rumors Oscar Issac’s character dresses very similar to Lando with a cape. His cape flows to the side. The other figure on the left side is really just a silhouette and appears to have a cape flowing to the side as well, but it could also be “Kira’s” scarf.

To the left there are lots of trees in what looks to be a dense wooded area. To the right is a ridge, the characters do not really have anywhere to go and appear trapped. However, in the sky there’s a streak of light which appears to an engine and probably the Millennium Falcon’s.

I think this scene could potentially take place before the Indie Revolver obtained painting. I think this is the same trio fighting here as in that work. In that painting someone has a gun and a saber. It is the same planet and I think the Falcon is circling around to come and get them here. Many speculated, myself included, that the green saber could represent Luke Skywalker, but now I think it is likely a new character.


Edit: The saber in the snow looks more like Obi-Wan’s blade. Interestingly, in the Indie Revolver painting, the blade is green and Obi-Wan’s blade should be blue. Perhaps the artists just took creative license and there is no continuity between the specifics or they were done at different times or they simply used the saber hilt as a model since the final one wasn’t designed yet.


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