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Star Wars: Episode VII A Mask of Evil! Two Concepts.

This is a pretty exciting piece of art from Star Wars: Episode VII we have just looked upon with our own eyes. A cool source of ours listened to our podcast and heard us venting about the beard stuff from last week in which everyone said you couldn’t have an evil Luke because his beard would show. The source basically said “you could put a beard under that.” Thank you, source. I will say, the stature of the character is more Mark Hamill than Adam Driver.

Fire! Hell! The backdrop might as well be Mustafar. I don’t think backgrounds matters in these pieces, as a I’ve said before. They’re simply meant to evoke the general feeling of the character. Well this one is hellish to say the least. I would like to take one second to troll the audience and insinuate that the fire is from the burning books that was the Expanded Universe. Okay, I won’t. Sorry!

The backdrop is very similar to the Chrome Stormtrooper commander we discussed last week. This piece is two concepts that are nearly identical, just the framing shifts from far away, full body, to an up close, above the waist depiction.

The helmeted figure faces left. This is a profile picture. The black cape flows outwards and the figure is in an attack stance, lightsaber held out in front, with both hands on the hilt. The lightsaber is red and has some motion to it as if it was just swung. Everything is black, the gloves, the pants, the boots, the mask.

The helmet looks like a samurai helmet. If you took Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and removed all the ornate additions from the helmet, you could have something similar. The back is kind of like Vader’s helmet but it is short, it just protects the back of the head, leaving the neck exposed. The face is covered. But you can see the eyes. This costume is Darth Vader if he were a ninja. Where the eye holes are, there is some light colored design. It has a good vibe about it. It reminds me of Shredder, a little bit of someone from Cobra in the old G.I. Joe and he has a black flowing cloak and red lightsaber which makes it look very cool.

This could very well be Adam Driver’s costume if he’s the evil guy we’ve heard he is. It could also hide a beard under it like that source says. Either way, the design is awesome and I hope it gets used somehow or in some way. Could this be Luke Skywalker’s costume if he is evil or impersonates the evil villain as a ruse? So many questions and so few answers. Because of the stance of the character, we can’t see if the eye is red and it is the cyborg or not.

Star Wars: Episode VII is looking so rad.



Alex writes in that we’re describing Darth Bane’s helmet. Yes, Alex, I believe we are. The helmet is really similar to Darth Bane’s in almost every way:



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