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Star Wars: Episode VII and the mystery of “The Carousel.”

In Star Wars: Episode VII the Falcon might be codenamed “The Carousel” by the production. But the weirdest part is that there appears to be a smaller version of the ship we all know and love. As things have unfolded it appears there might be a smaller version of the ship to be placed on sets which would appear slightly bigger thanks to forced perspective. Perhaps it was envisioned to cut cost on transportation and materials? That was my initial thinking.

There are other schematics showing “The Carousel” in a full sized perspective. Meaning the ship is the same size as the Falcon itself. So I flipped back to thinking it must be the Falcon’s code name. Still there were always little changes or inaccuracies in the concept art which made it hard to figure out if there were two versions of the Falcon and one is smaller or not.

However, a piece of concept art has taken me down the crazy rabbit hole once again.

A giant brown ramp extends to the floor. The ramp is like the one the Clones marched down from the Star Destroyers in that iconic shot from Attack of the Clones. The ship however is brown. Standing at the top of the ramp appears to be a Wookiee and a man, perhaps its Han Solo?

The wall is dirty with blaster marks and ridges. The floor is great with ornate stripes of yellow and brown on the grey metallic floor.

Parked at the bottom of the ramp is a ship that appears to be the Falcon. The Falcon is facing outward from the ramp, not towards it. You can’t see the cockpit as we are looking at the ship’s left side and the cockpit is out of view. The landing gear are really low so the ship is lower to the ground. Two figures are coming out from behind the ship. The kicker? One is a woman and the Falcon styled ship is either tiny or she’s a giant! The woman is a white woman and she’s slouching a little, however, if she was standing up right, she would be as tall as the Falcon. This figure could touch the top of the ship with ease. There is another figure behind her in the shadows coming around the ship as well and he appears to be even taller.

Could the piece have an error in perspective (like we’re one to talk here)? It seems weird there’s a size comparison of the Falcon in schematic form with a tiny Falcon and then this art exists with a tall human woman who would be taller than Chewbacca.

Forced perspective could be the point, save costs, make a smaller version of it, easier to move and all that. The woman could be drawn there to show the filmmakers how it will look with someone standing next to it that closely, so don’t do that. But that still seems weird because the piece doesn’t really seem to evoke that, and I’m really stretching to make that leap. Could there be a smaller version of the Falcon that’s just primarily a fighter and not a transport? It seems like a bad idea to toy with an iconic design like that, but I suppose anything is possible.

This is either going to be a hilarious rumor we’ll laugh at in a year or there’s a tiny Falcon referred to as “The Carousel” in Star Wars: Episode VII.  The mysteries! I look forward to seeing this one solved.




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