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Star Wars: Episode VII – A Rebel Base and a Pirate’s Cove!

Star Wars Snapshots: A Glimpse at Episode VII. If you want to know what you are likely to see on screen in 2015, read on:

The Rebel base on Yavin and the Greenham Common set are not the same sets at all, they’re entirely different.

The rebel base at Greenham Common is nearly identical to what we’ve seen in the drone photos from last month. There the Millennium Falcon is sitting on the runway area while X-wings are stored in the hangers. If you’re curious as to how CGI will probably be used in the film, there are lots of large transmitters and radar dishes that adorn the tops of the grassy area above the hangers. These things were not built for the physical set so it is safe to say they will be composited in later to dress the location’s otherworldly look. There are trees in the distance but they are like those found in England, very unlike Yavin.

The Yavin base is another location called “The Pirate’s Cove.” X-wings are docked in the temple just as you would imagine from back during the battle on the first Death Star. However, netting hangs down from the top of the hanger, loosely in places. The location is foggy and not clear as if a morning fog or mist has just came in and rain was recently on the ground. The trees are very much a different sort of thing than what you would see on the Greenham Common planet’s base, which is a giant field with trees off to the horizon. One is a jungle the others is wooded. This is a temple with a lush and dense amount of tall trees just outside it. The Massassi Temple from Star Wars: Episode IV was examined closely to capture the same feel and essence of the initial rebel base.

Baba Booey.

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