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The Star Wars: Episode VII Spoiler Connection: Lucas/Kadan’s Original Ideas for Luke Skywalker’s future.

If you listen to MSW’s podcast, you know me and Jeremy Conrad of FuriousFanboys.com are really big fans of J.W. Rinzler’s Making of series of Star Wars books. As you know if you’re reading this article, we ran some really interesting and possibly true rumors this week about Luke Skywalker’s role in Star Wars: Episode VII. Those HUGE RUMORS about Luke Skywalker can be read here.We’ve received everything from veiled threats to “now I’m excited for the future of Star Wars” because of the ideas expressed in the rumor which are backed up by concept art.

This idea that Luke Skywalker went to the dark side has been around since before most of the current Star Wars audience was alive. We even saw Lucas give his blessing on concepts that explored the idea like Dark Empire. For the films, Lucas pulled back on idea but Lawrence Kasdan seemed to really want to do an evil Luke Skywalker story. Well, Kasdan is the man writing the final drafts of the next Star Wars film with J.J. Abrams. Now this is idea is going around in full force. Is there a chance Kasdan returned to Star Wars to write what he always envisioned for the saga? Maybe. I don’t think he returned to Star Wars to not make it what he always wanted it to be.

The following quotes are from J.W. Rinzler’s The Making of Return of the Jedi (loc 2457 of 10733 of the Enhanced Edition).

 I think it’d be great for Luke to try and help Vader while the thing is blowing up. And then Vader gets his cape caught in the door and says, “Leave without me” and Luke takes his mask off. The mask is the very last thing–and then Luke puts it on and says, “I am Vader.” Surprise! The ultimate twist. “Now I will go and kill the fleet and I will rule the universe.”

Lucas appears to passionately tell this idea to Kasdan during the story meeting. Kasdan responds:

That’s what I think should happen.

But Kasdan’s desires are squashed by George Lucas remembering his audience for Return of the Jedi:

No, no, no. Come on, this is for kids.

Kasdan then responds:

I think you should kill Luke and have Leia take over.

At this stage, I don’t think that could ever happen with Leia. But “Kira” the name most commonly used for Daisy Ridley’s character in Star Wars: Episode VII could over that job as the hero of the saga and I think she is.  Is there a chance the story meetings for Return of the Jedi influenced the direction of Star Wars: Episode VII? I think it probably put the seeds of what the sequel trilogy would look like in Lucas’ mind and may have influenced his treatment. But you also don’t want to put too much emphasis on two writers spit-balling ideas back and fourth in 1981. Still, I have always felt that Star Wars is a story about familial conflict and resolution. If Han, Luke, and Leia are angels, the next generation doesn’t necessarily have a lot to atone with and we’re left with a vapid story.

Is there a chance that during some conflict during the past, Luke Skywalker felt the only way to stop the violence was to take over the fleet and in the process he became the man he once tried to defeat? Star Wars villains never believe they’re truly villains, from a certain point of view.

Junk food for thought. I’m not trying to prop up the validity of the rumor, but it does have concept art and a historical basis to be taken as a possibility.

We’ll leave you for now with this video Germain from /FILM reminded us about on Twitter today:



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