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Star Wars: Episode VII’s Main Hanger Description

Today I’ve looked at a concept for an Imperial Hanger that matches fairly well with some of the set reports we’ve heard about the large set made at Pinewood. I’m going to use pieces of pics of hangers from the original trilogy to explain myself at times here. I really don’t know what a lot of this stuff is called in the old Expanded Universe, so I’m going to assume many of you don’t too. This piece is not easy to describe as it was full of abstract geometry and sometimes just an impression was apparent.

The Death Star hanger was just a rectangle with a band of light around it. That concept is used here in this new hanger but imagine a hexagon about the same size. The whole hanger itself is a hexagon instead of a rectangle box like the old hangers.





The floor is also a shiny black and gets scuffed up:








The walls have protruding panels or slabs, whatever you call those. But they arc higher up towards the walls because of the hexagonal shape of the room.

wallsThe interesting thing is that in this piece walls have spaces in between the light panels in such  a way that allows TIE Fighters to sit in the space  for storage. The TIES are stacked four high. They are not directly on top of one another either as they follow the shape of the walls so they kind of staircase, if you will. So it goes one TIE on the floor and then three more TIEs following the arc of the wall in a staircase fashion.

To the right of the hanger, Stormtroopers stand at attention around some abstract grey technology, could be generators or more shuttles the artist intended to add. There’s some yellow outlines around areas where boxes and crates are allowed to be stored.

To the left of the hanger, there appears to be a new Lambda style shuttle or shuttle Tydirium. The two wings flip up, there’s the fin in the center but it looks flatter and less sleek then the one we saw in Return of the Jedi.

At the time of this piece, the villain for the film wasn’t yet finalized. So that figure walks with Stormtroopers towards the shuttle, I presume. The bad guy and his escort are at the entrance of the hanger, just walking in. The ceiling to the hallway area has little red lights, but the hanger inside is illuminated by the classic white lights we’ve seen in Death Star hangers.

The painting has a very original trilogy vibe to it and I think the set should look brilliant if this painting is any indication of what we’re going to see.





End note: the real set based off this art appears in the TMZ pics:

EXCLUSIVE Production work is underway on the set of the most eagerly anticipated Hollywood blockbuster for years; Star Wars Episode VII.












If the art is used, I believe the flat slab on the wall after the ridges is where TIE Fighters will sit.


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