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Star Wars Rebels ‘Droids in distress’ Episode review

I’ve finally watched the premiere of Star Wars Rebels and to say the least it was epic, after I watched the pilot a million times I could not wait to get started on season 1 and delve deep into these new characters life’s and stories waiting to be told! It’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan!

‘Droids in distress’ is Episode 1 of the first series and Episode 3 in the production timeline of the show, and all I can say is ‘Awesome’. This show is so captivating from the moment it starts, the first sequence from this Episode is so reminiscent of the getaway scene from ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, the scene in which the Millennium Falcon is escaping from a Star Destroyer and ties after evacuating Hoth. The opening sequence to this Episode shows the ghost escaping the clutches of a Star destroyer and being closed down by tie fighters, remind you of anything in particular? We then see Chopper step up and get the coordinates as Hera say “hello hyperspace”, the team then escapes to safety. Temporarily.

As we move on through the show we see the crew deciding there next move, as our heroes are falling low on on credits they need to decide what job they are going to take on now. Kanan mentions a job that Vizago had offered them, however Zeb is reluctant as the job would involve moving ‘T7 ion distrupters’ which wiped out his people to the brink of extinction, this leads to quite an emotional conversation between Hera and Ezra later in the show. As the show moves on we really begin to connect with characters and want to know more about their personal hatred for the Empire.

As we move on through the Episode our heroes discover the location of the ‘T7 ion distruprlters’, the scene that follows is in my eyes a massive callback to the prequels. They board a public transport freighter which will take the from Lothal to the location of the blasters at a space port on Garel. The public freighter really bought me back to the refugee freighter from ‘Attack of the Clones’ in which Anakin, Padme and R2 travel secretly to Naboo as to hide the location of senator Amidala. That whole sequence aboard the ship drew me back to MY era of Star Wars prequels. That’s right, I love the prequels! Seeing old friends again was also so so cool, C-3Po and R2-D2 as featured in this episode and they are the typical argumentative married couple we know.

Now onto the fighting, this show really has a great way of combining the fighting techniques we’ve seen throughout the Clone wars whilst calling back to the blaster on blaster old school style western we know from the OT. The one thing I love hearing again is the sound of the Imperial walkers! “Crunch, click, grind” one of my all time favourite sounds from the Star Wars Galaxy, though they sound and look cool they did not seem to come across as effective against our protagonists, which doesn’t surprise me really.. The one person on the other hand who I’ve fallen in love with is Agent Kallus, that guy looks and sounds radical, he’s also got some impressive fighting skills which we see in full effect in his duel against Zeb. We see Kallus using the weapon of the honor guard of Lasan (Zebs homeworld) this really angers Zeb, to add insult to injury Kallus proudly announces he killed the honor guard and took the weapon, also describing how he gave the order for the destruction of Zebs people. Just as Kallus is about to execute Zeb he is saved by a surprising hero, Ezra. Ezra uses the force unknowingly to push Agent Kallus away, and in doing so saves Zebs life, I wonder if he’ll change his opinion on the poor kid now. As the team escape on the ghost Kallus watches on. Again calling back to the prequels when ‘Darth Maul’ watches on as Qui-gon and Anakin escape Tatooine on the Naboo cruiser.

All in all, it was a superb episode, which throws us deeper into our new heroes lives. Capturing the good old heart of Star Wars whilst showing us how genuinely evil the Empire is. It’s great to finally see the ‘Dark times’ on screen and see how the rebellion as we know starts to take form. ‘

Droids in distress’ is available for free download on iTunes now, along with a season pass for the series, enjoy!





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