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Star Wars Rebels Season 1 Production Numbers and Air Dates.

Hi there, so I’ve just picked up the new ‘Star Wars Insider’ magazine issue number #152 today, in its opening pages it reveals the production numbers for the shorts and first four episodes. So bare in mind, what you are about to read below states the production numbers for the shorts, premier movie (“Spark Of Rebellion”) and first three episodes! (PN stands for production number)

  • PN, 101A: “The Machine In The Ghost”
  • PN, 101B: “Art Attack”
  • PN, 101C: “Entanglement”
  • PN, 101D: “Property Of Ezra Bridger”
  • PN, 102-103: “Spark Of Rebellion” (Premier Movie)
  • PN, 104: “Droids In Distress”
  • PN, 105: “Fighter Flight”
  • PN, 106: “Rise Of The Old Masters”

I myself have been amongst the confusion about which episode is the first of season 1, so just for confirmation. ‘Spark Of Rebellion’ does not make up the first two episodes of season 1, ‘Spark Of Rebellion’ stands alone as the ‘premier movie’ to the season which follows, much like how ‘The Clone Wars’ had its theatrical release before season 1 began. This of course confirms that ‘Droids In Distress’ is indeed Episode 1 of the first series. Below is a list of the the next four episodes and their air dates:

  • Episode 2: “Fighter Flight” Airs on ‘Monday 20th October’
  • Episode 3: “Rise Of The Old Masters” Airs on ‘Monday 27th October’
  • Episode 4: “Breaking Ranks” Airs on ‘Monday Monday 3rd November’
  • Episode 5: “Out Of Darkness” Airs on ‘Monday 10th November’
  • Episode 6: “Empire Day” Airs on ‘Monday 17th November’
  • Episode 7: “Gathering Forces” Airs on ‘Monday 24th November’

Anyway I hope this has cleared up any confusion on which episode was number one of season one, and also that the premier movie ‘Spark Of Rebellion’ is NOT episodes one and two of season one!

Thanks to Johnamarie Macias for finding the Titles and Credits for episodes 104-107. You can find them with their production numbers here.




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