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Star Wars Rebels debuted with 6.5 million viewers (2.7 in the U.S.)!

Nice work, Star Wars Rebels! 

Star Wars Rebels debuted with 6.5 million viewers across the world.  That number is really solid for a show of its ilk. Star Wars: The Clone Wars only counted U.S. numbers, however. So with 2.7 viewers in the U.S., the numbers are fairly equivalent to The Clone Wars in certain respects. 6.5 million viewers is nothing to shake a stick at though and it should be noted that generally speaking, Disney XD numbers do not really compete with Cartoon Network numbers, at least until now. This outing was on The Disney Channel however. So the numbers on XD might be a bit different still.

Star Wars Rebels as I’ve said before, is a show that does our fandom and the overall saga of Star Wars proud. It deserves these numbers and more.

I for one look forward to several seasons of Star Wars Rebels and the founding of the rebel alliance. With a second season already ordered, you have reason to be comfortable investing in these characters and honestly, the show is so rewarding you won’t have a hard time falling into it, if you haven’t already.

Congratulations to the crew, cast, and marketing team behind Star Wars Rebels! 


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