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Tweets: Star Wars: Episode VII’s Pip Andersen visits the Imaginarium plus an editor on VII piece!

Pip Andersen, a star in Star Wars: Episode VII was at Imaginarium Studios today:

The implications are aplenty. However, with Pip doing so many impressive stunts they might have just needed him to do some of his tricks for digital models. Or maybe it was a total side job and they wanted the amazing things he can do for their library? Either way, interesting to see two cutting edge entities coming together to make the future of entertainment more stunning.

Also if you were wondering about the editor for Star Wars: Episode VII, we had heard Mary Jo Markey A.C.E. sometime ago:

We never doubted she was one of the editors on the film but she was absent from the Master Filmmaker list from StarWars.com we weren’t sure if it was in flux still. You can read the great piece on meeting her here.


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