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Uncle Owen thinks he knows who the bad guy is in Star Wars: Episode VII.

MTV News has an interview with Joel Edgerton (Uncle Owen in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith) in which he reiterates that Adam Driver is the villain of Star Wars: Episode VII:

Adam Driver and I worked together on this Jeff Nichols movie last year. Literally, he got cast, and then I heard he was going to playing new whatever version of the villain in the new ‘Star Wars’ movie,” Edgerton said. “The next day I had to do a scene with him after I read this. I said ‘I’m scared to do this scene with you now because you might [Force choke me].”

Does this invalidate certain rumors about another unexpected bad guy? Not really. Because Adam Driver isn’t the only Bad Guy in the film if he is the bad guy. This ain’t Highlander, there can be more than one.  But certain weirdos really think we’re adamantly defending that rumor to the death. I’m not. I reported what was being said and said I saw evidence for it a few times. No one promised anything or bet the farm on anything for that matter. It is evidence that might be misinterpreted liked Yoda deciphering prophecies about the chosen one. But the crazies are going to be the crazies. That’s what we get for running a crazy rumor, crazy enough it just might be true.

But to get back to the main topic, Joel Edgerton clearly read the news in the trades, Variety most likely. Variety says he’s the bad guy so Joel Edgerton reiterated what he read, then and probably now. I don’t know if its really news. I guess the fact Adam Driver didn’t correct him is the news here.

My sense is that Adam Driver is one of the main bad guys in the new Star Wars film. That blurry photo of someone looking just like him at the Rebel Base set has left me scratching my head, however. Still, if I had to bet, Edgerton isn’t giving anything away, and he’s still correct anyhow. Right now, Adam Driver is one of the biggest mysteries for us regarding the new film. There’s still a lot of fun stuff to learn.

Thanks to Twitter user @Hermann22 (P-THUG!) for the heads up about the article.


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