Concepts: Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ classic heroes in the Exotic City!

There are a few concepts of the city that appears to be integral to the film. I still believe the place code named “Exotic City” appears mainly at the end of the film, at this point. It appears the heroes move from the backwoods wilderness throughout their adventure in the galaxy and return to a sense of modernity by the final act of the film at “Exotic City.” Yeah, it sounds like a Cinemax late night movie, but I assure it is a lot more realistic than that. I believe this to be the civilization the Rebel Base (Greenham Common) is protecting. More than likely, the water we’ve seen in today’s teaser with the X-wings flying over the water are the waters in these concepts. I believe the planet has three main locations; the base (Pirate’s Cove), the castle, and “Exotic City.”

The first view of the city is from landing platform in the water, a pier. The pier is the same shape as the landing pad on Bespin where the Falcon docks. This could be the one we described in the blueprints last week. It also appears to be the evolution of the city we described before on the water with a bay. Most likely this is a continuation of those ideas and we’re seeing that city close up instead of from far away as the Falcon flies through the sky. The pier has the Falcon landed at the end of it in this work. Three figures in snow outfits stand outside the Falcon. All three look like the Han Solo concept Indie Revolver showed us.

You’re probably visualizing the Falcon as the big ship in this work. Well, don’t. It isn’t the big ship. There’s a couple of Capital Starships docked behind the Falcon that dwarf the ship in comparison. The ship immediately behind it is like a long rectangle with red paint on it and two guns in the front. They look like they could be rebel ship or just industrial vehicles. You can’t make it all out because it extends out of frame, however, it is sort of Sandcrawler shaped with a tilted angular front. The ship behind it is even bigger! It looks long, and it almost reminds me of an elephant with tusks. It appears the front of the ship is some kind of claw for grabbing stuff, perhaps.

To the bottom left of the screen is a man working on a speeder bike. He has a hat on and appears to be very skinny, but clearly just an extra and not a character with lines. On the opposite end of the frame, a landspeeder just like Luke’s in A New Hope is obscured by a group of people all talking to one another. The white railing has a telescope mounted and one man in a centurion helmet looks through it, beyond where the man working on the speeder bike is. Off in the distance there is a boat and a barge.

The second piece shows the bay and railings. People line up along the railings to look into the water. A protocol droid looking a lot like See-Threepio sits at a table talking to an alien of some kind with a snout while he drinks a bottle of wine. There are lots of exotic looking aliens in the paintings. I also noticed this guy’s design is a featured extra in the painting as hes the only face you can see walking toward the camera through the crowd:


Beyond the water in this painting you can see a building. It looks like a Geonosian structure with a rounded base and pointy tip, but its not made of dirt and rock, its stone. The houses in front of it looks very Asian, almost like ancient Chinese houses. There are also pyramid structures. The city looks like it was in inhabited by thousands of cultures.

This final shot is the cool one. The camera is tilted slightly towards the sky. You can see ships in the sky. The buildings look like the Capital Records building, but they’re made of wood. Its like Wookiees made the Capital Records building. Round yellow plastic tables are off to the side.  An alien resembling Colonel Gascon from The Clone Wars stands about 5 feet tall with a backpack on. A Garindan looking dude walks towards the camera. A Mon Cal walks away from the camera.

In the distance, Han Solo walks towards his destination. The rolling Artoo type droid  we just saw in the teaser just behind him. Walking with Han? A woman in a dark grey tunic. She appears robust, with Princess Leia style hair-buns.

I am conflicted. The droid makes me think that is “Kira.” But the costume is dark and unlike any concept I’ve seen her wear and her build is nothing like the frame of the character as I’ve seen her. It could be a perspective error or its not Kira, but Leia. Kira never has Princess Leia hair-buns either. The safe conclusion? Kira. The hopeful conclusion? Leia.  So its inconclusive.

Where’s Chewie? Chewbacccaaaa…….

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