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Concepts of Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Falcon and the city on the water. You’ve seen it before.

This piece is really beautiful. Prequel beautiful. I believe we’ve already seen alternate versions of this one officially.

Off in the horizon the sky is blue and the hills are green. I assume this is the Skellig Michael planet based on the rolling green hill and the white fluffy clouds in the sky.

There’s a small bay with a city on both sides of it. On the right side of the city, there’s more water. Boats and shipping equipment can be see in its waters. There’s a bridge going across the bay connecting to more urban environments. There are several huge stone structures, sort of like stone skyscrapers in the shape of a lava lamp. The dark brown stones have blue trim applied in stripes down the buildings. Some of the buildings have ivy growing along the stones of the structures. There are few spire structures with golden trim on them. It almost looks like a really advanced society that used to make pyramids just kept building into the future.

Directly in front of the camera the Millennium Falcon bursts towards the city. The setting seems friendly and inviting. There are no signs of danger or foreboding. On the ground two X-wings are parked to the left. Nearby to the right of X-wings ,there is a speeder on the ground and it looks spiritually similar to the one we saw at the Greenham Common set, but its light grey with slight wings. It appears a lot of people are exciting a building. They’re very tiny as we’re really high up at the Falcon’s altitude looking down upon the city.

In the past we’ve discussed the castle on the Skellig Michael planet. In all the various iterations, the castle is left with plumes of smoke coming from its battlements and the Falcon zips away. I speculate this piece may take place after the heroes leave the castle. But I have to admit, it might be an alternate location for the rebel base we’ve seen at Greenham Common.

I find it it kind of funny that this photo released by Lucasfilm appears to be an alternate depiction of the Falcon (which is in the same position) going towards a body of water and coincidentally there’s a lava lamp in the corner. This is probably the outer atmosphere:

12802360045_2705b916e2_oThis appears to be another alternate closer to the city:

CityThe I have seen is not unlike what can be seen in these pictures but there are differences on the takes by the artist.


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