Concepts: Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ “Kira’s” reveal!

Two concepts for “Kira” show the new hero of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in disguise, to the audience at least. Our source believes these designs are from the opening sequences of the film where we are first introduced to the new hero. I speculate she wears these costumes in some form when she scares the scavengers away from John Boyega, a crashed Stormtrooper who is in trouble after his crash as scavengers want his goods. She clears the scavengers away and you think it might be something even worse than those creatures but it turns out to be the beautiful Daisy Ridley. “I’m Luke Skywalker, I’m here to rescue you.”  I wasn’t able to get confirmation on the context of this costume, only it was for a sequence scripted very early in the story.

The first piece has “Kira” pretty much covered from head to toe, with head wraps are covering her face entirely. They’re brown and dirty. The head is wrapped like Lady Lumiya in style. She has goggles over the wrappings, almost like the Invisible Man. Her neck piece is grey but its like a dog muzzle. She then has a brown coat (similar cut to the Hoth Rebel soldiers). She has brown boots with shin guards that remind me of Leia’s disguise in Return of the Jedi.

The head wrappings are in this style.

The real stand out piece is the backpack she’s wearing. It’s a backpack that’s like a basket as large as she is and the basket is lined with cloth. You can’t see what’s inside it but is as big as she is.

In all the various iterations of this costume she does not look affluent or powerful. She looks poor with high tech attributes pertaining to survival.

The second piece has her covered in much the same way. However, this time her coverings resemble the colors of her costume. She has a blue poncho that has an extended cape to it. But her cowl is square, boxy and has a hat brim to it. Her face cannot be seen in it as it protrudes out far enough to obscure her face (and peripheral vision I imagine). Her ankles have wrappings on them much like Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker when they were young and living on Tatooine. Her pants are blue and baggy. Her undershirt is tan (I believe she’s wearing her main costume under the gear). She has a sleeping cot rolled up on her back and a pipe coming out of her backpack that curves over her head. I believe its a periscope. It rests atop her head from out of her backpack. I’m not sure if she removes the periscope to use her self or if her pet droid uses it. Her hands are not covered.

This design from the TMZ photo leak has many of the same motifs of this costume used in them. I have no idea if the person below was standing in for Ridley or if they used these costume concepts to populate the extras’s costumes. The costume below is not exact but I imagine it was cultivated from the art I’m describing:

Blond Kira Stand in

A third design in this series was talked about by me early on and I sketched it. That gear was meant to obscure her under tech as well. Our source for that piece was told the costume was not as cool in the film, it was more simple. So I believe something like the costumes above are probably the approach they took instead. I also believe this piece is the reason there were rumors she was a bounty hunter, which doesn’t appear to have much validity at this point. The majority of pieces were not as revealing as6 this piece which featured a glass face shield.

I almost imagine this costume being used like Luke Skywalker with his cloak or Leia under the helmet in Return of the Jedi. You are wondering what this person is and then they are revealed to be our hero in the film. Both designs are pretty good. They kind of have a cool Dune feeling about them. Between these concepts and the pirates we talked about earlier in the week, I think Frank Herbert’s Dune is having an influence on the designs of Star Wars once again.




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