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Concepts: Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Man in Black, a speeder, and a helmet..

This particular concept trio is very interesting. This character is not a Sith/Evil Force user by the looks of him. The helmet he wears is the same as the “Darth Bane” helmeted figure we’ve seen in front of fire. However, this appears to be a pilot uniform. It appears this could be a Imperial Special Ops uniform, which would mean it was most likely designed for Boyega’s costume before his crash.

The tunic is sort of like the one Grand Moff Tarkin wears but its black and a little heavier. In the first concept, the helmet he’s wearing looks like the fire ship pilots from Revenge of the Sith, only black with a yellow stripe down the forehead, going to the back of the head. He has tight black gloves on. His black boots have a tool strapped to the left leg that resembles a hydropsanner. He wields a black staff.

The second piece shows the man in black, pretty much the same uniform, but he’s sitting on a speeder. The speeder looks a little like a black Kawasaki motorcycle but it has no wheels because it hovers. Its shape resembles a motorcycle more than anything we’ve seen in Star Wars.  It looks cool but its doesn’t really fit Star Wars and what’s established. It almost reminds me of the motorcycles from THX-1138. The helmet on this one shows what appears to be an updated Death Star Gunner helmet for the most part. However, the face shield is flat and extends over the face and a little above the helmet. In this piece he’s holding a blaster.

The final concept is the most interesting in that it is the Darth Bane style “Ninja” mask helmet we’ve described before. The helmet looks like McQuarrie’s proto-Vader mask in someways. The back helmet is very Darth Vader, but its shorter in the back. The eye visor is the same as the new Stormtroopers in appearance for the most part. It also has a Vader like mouth piece but its bulkier. The helmet has yellow ornate etchings around the visor.

My guess is this piece is somewhat exploratory. I’ve seen the TIE pilot helmets from the actual film and they clearly didn’t use this. But I’m not sure if Boyega being a special ops guy would wear that helmet. I also find it interesting that this “Shredder” style helmet design was used so much. I think the powers that be liked that design and it was explored in depth across many different pieces.


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