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Fun Speculative Rumor on Captain Rex’s connection to Star Wars: Rebels.

The Wolf Pack Podcast has noted that Dee Bradley Baker is voicing Ephraim Bridger in Star Wars Rebels. As long time fans of Star Wars: The Clone Wars know, Baker voiced every Clone Trooper in in the series. With Captain Rex’s fate uncertain after the untimely cancellation of The Clone Wars, what if he changed his name and started a family? The series was clearly moving towards Rex deserting the Republic and following his own path. Both The Deserter and the Darkness on Umbara were painting Rex as a man ready to make his own way in the universe and there were hints he would like a family of his own.

My theory is that Rex changed his name so that the Empire would never find him, and Ezra is at a age where Rex could totally be his father.

A part of doesn’t think this will happen. But if it did happen, fans of The Clone Wars would freak out and it would be really awesome. It would give Rex the legacy he deserves. It would also paint an interesting story of Rex defecting or being discharged after the war and then starting up a resistance broadcast to try and end the tyranny. It would also give Anakin/Vader reason to kill Rex, further showing what a jerk Anakin became.

I also want to add that the bar we saw this week in Star Wars Rebels had a Clone ship as the front face and it had the Salacious Crumb holding a bomb artwork on it. That implies Obi-Wan’s Clones ended up on Lothal at some point, which means Rex could have went with them.

Its a fun theory.


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