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Star Wars: Episode VII IT’S A WRAP!!

So yesterday marked the end of filming on Star Wars: Episode VII! Whaaat? Time flies right?

Although the news has not yet come officially from Lucasfilm, it is pretty evident that the 1st November 2014 was the last day spent on principle photography of the next installment in the Star Wars franchise for most of the cast and crew. The other day Jason posted a photograph which showed one of the crew members ‘thank you’ letters from the movies hierarchy, you can read that letter here.

Not only was this letter a pretty good sign that filming had come to an end, today a luxury events management company sent out this tweet:

Also Star Wars: Episode VII concept artist ‘Will Htay’ put this tweet out:

And as I write this the Episode VII wrap party is going down with a real BANG, as you see can here on John Boyegas instagram:


There we have it. Principle photography on Star Wars: Episode VII has finally wrapped! It still feels like a dream, it especially doesn’t feel like one year ago we did not even know the cast. Well I for one cannot wait, and I know everybody else feels the same!

Just imagine being at that wrap party right now.. J.J did invite me but.. well that’s another story! Jokes!

I just want to say a premature thank you to the amazing cast and crew for putting together what is sure to be a beautiful film! Well done guys and girls!


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