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“The Force Awakens” Fan Creations

soccerballdroidThe Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer has sparked a wave a creativity throughout the fan community. Various artists have picked up their pencils and tablets, sharing sketches and illustrations of Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, the mysterious red lightsaber wielding character, and the ball droid–who has won the hearts of many, including myself.

In fact, its design inspired me to create a piece of jewelry–my very own ball droid bracelet. I ran out of white paint, so I improvised and used Wite-Out (correction fluid) on two round beads. I used orange and black acrylic paint for the markings, and for the final touch, clear nail polish.

One of the concerns voiced by Star Wars figure collectors was how Hasbro and other companies would make the ball droid stand. Halcion a.k.a. Brandon Flores seems to have figured it out with these custom The Force Awakens figures.

(Photo: Halcion/Brandon Flores via A.W. Quinn)

There has also been a LEGO awakening by YouTube user Snooperking, who recreated the entire teaser with LEGO sets and minifigures.

“I had nothing to do yesterday so I started once the trailer came out so I built the Falcon, the X-wing, the speeder bike thingy, a mini TIE fighter, tried to build all the sets, and get all my minifigures put together,” he wrote in the description portion of the video, seen below.

the-force-awakens-fanartThen, there’s all of the wonderful fan art, a form of expression that has swept through social media in the past few days. From Tumblr to Instagram, fans have drawn every bit of the trailer. One negative thing I’ve noticed about the fandom, however, is people redistributing art without proper credit. Please be considerate of the artists and tag/credit them before sharing.

John Boyega:

by starwarsinfographic, by calamityhorror, by mattcclift, by insertartisthere, by swegener, by nicolecieux

Ball Droid:

by Brian Kesinger, by febriananugrah, by Lumberjack Nick, by thousandfoldart, by beardyglassesillustration, by Evan Dennington, by Scott Serkland, by jacobdubi, by jtp_art, by roccothegreat, by starwarsinfographic, by trollraptor, nevermind_victor, by mushonastick, by howieboss, by jonbooz, by splamsplakin, by scottgaryrobinson, by ollygibbs, by timbaronart, by starwargs, by messypandas


by febriananugrah, by jeffreywortham, by Nick Brokenshire, by nathan_wirth_, by Scott Serkland, by onetimecake, by JoeHoganArt

Daisy Ridley:

by Francesco Francavilla, by mondarlynn, by febriananugrah, by Jake Parker, by Elisa Ardell, by Scott Serkland, by djclulow, by Chrissie Zullo, by tskrening, by Michael Newton, by Luis Altadill, by Josh Bodwell, by philback, by pandora05, by chema_mansilla, by bjoernna, by christopher.hebert, by mattcclift, by hodgesart, by teeohdoubledee, by rafaelromeomagat, by santirv, by phil-the-stone, by pop-custom, by darthtemoc

Oscar Isaac/X-wings:

by Francesco Francavilla, by cisco_edlv72, by fchartier316, by ollygibbs, by m.hellard, by bennyby677, by neilbrady, by landlcreations, by sombraptor

Mysterious character:

by Francesco Francavilla, by Hans Berger, by wee_arts, by shannon_kcmo, by Nick Brokenshire, by fyeahjaygee, by thearchangelo, by natefierro, by nathan_wirth_, by juhannuskostaja, by marisehappier, by eddieholly, by cristiangarro, by darthtemoc, by mikkel-mulr, by skyrace, by pierreloyvet, by tomthehuman2, by hounworks, by 8comicbookman8, by disgorgeapocalypse, by saturnoarg


by Phil Noto, by Phil Noto (in color), by Renaud Roche, by jib_tosche, by pibbyart, by hanselws, by jdelgado, by ladylaurence

(Photo: Jordan Breckon)

Finally, there’s Star Wars fanboy Jordan Breckon.

“Decided to get a new tattoo today!” he tweeted on November 29, the day after the teaser trailer premiered.

A few fans couldn’t help but point out the similarity with Roach (Seth Rogen) in the film Fanboys (2009), a die hard fan who got a tattoo of Jar Jar Binks on his back prior to the release of The Phantom Menace. Regardless of your thoughts on Jar Jar or even this ball droid character, this fan showed true dedication. I’m sure we all have, whether it was done by staying up late Thursday night or watching it over 100 times, we’re all fans. And as we’ve heard again and again, it’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan.


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