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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser Spoiler Breakdown!

The Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser is out! There’s going to be a lot of things discovered in this teaser. At this moment, this is in no way comprehensive. It is just my take on things from the new teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We are very thankful to a friend for giving us the accurate trailer information. The only thing they left off was that the teaser was going to BLOW MY MIND. It was great. So thank you, source(s) for your aiding in our passion of Star Wars! 

This shot appears to be the one from the IMAX sequence that was filmed with the IMAX camera. I would expect to see this bigger than the rest of the film in 2015 along with those Falcon shots if my sources and deductions are correct:


This appears to be John Boyega’s character shortly after his TIE Fighter crashes, since he still has the armor on. I believe he just wears the body glove of this suit for some of the film. I believe something has changed in the minor details of this sequence. Perhaps he now ejects? Perhaps the Falcon shot him down?


Here we get a clean shot of the new Stormtrooper armor from the back. This could be Elite Stormtrooper gear but it looks pretty much like the concepts for the standard new armor, but I think he wears the helmet with the visor at this point:


Here you get a good shot of the new droid we’ve been talking about for a few months now. Also notice in the background you can see the quad-engined ship “Kira” has parked at her AT-AT homebase:


Here we see the new Stormtroopers ready to land at the village:


Here you can see the lights on the new Stormtrooper guns. I was told those lights were designed to give video games some fun functional play that still looks great on screen and I think it work:


Stormtroopers ready to burn a village down!


After the door opens we can see it is the sand planet where we told you about the new bad guy using Stormtroopers with flame throwers to burn the village to the ground, as well as standard Stormtroopers to fight the resistance:

10This is the boxy red speeder bike we talked about in the past. It is exact to the concept art we’ve seen. This outfit is the “Snow Girl” out fit as well, however, the pointed hood has been removed. We decided it must be for the sand planet because her ankles were showing and that appears to be the case!


This really reminds me of some early Ralph McQuarrie designs for Luke and the goggles use salvaged Stormtrooper lenses:


Here we can see the speeder approaching the “TMZ” set:


Our buds at Star Wars Underworld were totally correct about Oscar Issac being an X-wing pilot. @Cevan77 points out the Aurebesh on his vest reads “Pull to inflate.” I also don’t think that’s the black X-wing as suggested by some fans:


It appears the blue and grey X-wing will be the standard X-wing for the film. They’re flying on the same planet as the castle we’ve written about that has a certain crazy person inside it:


This shot of the new bad guy is from the Black Park  shoot we told you about. Harry Potter also filmed here:

16I love how the cross beams don’t ignite at first. The mask of this guy has been described here as it appears in Indie Revolver’s concept piece, this is the fight before:

17His mask is red and we know a little about him already. We noted in the past that the blade on this saber appears to be not entirely stable:

18That blade is meant to kill and shows that Star Wars Underworld’s concept art was legit! I believe our concept art for this character is an iteration before their art which appears to be 100% on the money. Also, that’s a long saber. Compensating:


I bet Lando bought that new radar dish after Return of the Jedi. However, there is a chance the Solos just bought DirectTV:


Those TIEs are fighting the Falcon on the same planet Boyega crashes on. Interesting, right? It appears the TIEs may be shooting at one another too, but I can’t be certain, which would change the implication. Ryan Owen also messed around with the contrast in this shot and there is only one sun. So its not Tatooine it appears:



Well, I’m off to watch the teaser again another 100 times. Hopefully more connections are made as we’re still in the opening shocking moments of this historical moment!



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