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Star Wars Rebels is great but the use of digital extras? Not so much.

I love Star Wars Rebels. I loved The Clone Wars. We saw a lack of digital extras in the earlier season of The Clone Wars. But Star Wars Rebels is taking it to a whole new level. It seems unlikely to me that Dave Filoni and the crew wants this to happen this way. More than likely, Star Wars Rebels is a high quality, fast spaced series being made on the cheap. You’ll notice we see the same sets and characters used over and over again. The sets are sort of excusable because much of the show takes place on Lothal and you’re going to see the same places again.

The problem I have with Star Wars Rebels is that I’m continually noticing the reuse of background extras. Last night, I watch the new REALLY FANTASTIC episode on the Watch Disney XD app. This shot stood out to me and for a moment, it broke the immersion for me. IG-88MPH made this GIF:

I hope as the series continues we a little less of this. I know it will always be around to an extent. But with The Clone Wars they were a lot better at fooling us, not breaking immersion, and I assume that’s because The Clone Wars was a more expensive show. But this is Star Wars, the backgrounds matter too.

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