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Confession: I was a teenage Star Wars Supershadow on a WebTV

Tonight I found something hilarious.

Before “Supershadow” became synonymous with fooling Star Wars fans with satire, his site was called Dark Side Prequel Rumors, if I remember correctly. In late 1997 to early 1998, I talked to Supershadow often. For a time, he was serious about covering and following the development of the The Phantom Menace.

You could pretty much write in anything to Supershadow and he would post it and comment back. As time went on, I think the absurdity of the messages allowed him to step into satire. I’ve heard he did some really cruel things to people as this continued. But he was pretty nice to me during that time and he used to tell me what he thought was legit and what wasn’t. So I was on the site often with analysis for a while. I got more into girls and my band eventually and just stopped contributing altogether.

Before that happened, he asked me to write something. In high school, I had to write a short piece on anything I wanted for a “free-write” in class. I wrote this atrocious piece below when I was 16 or 17 probably. I then went home and typed it all out on my WebTV. Tonight, I found one of those articles I wrote.

First I had to watch this for a long time until I was online:

Yep, I couldn’t afford a PC and the internet was still sort of new to consumers, so I rocked a WebTV to finish this piece:

The Basis of the Star Wars Prequels

By Jason Ward


The Star Wars Prequels beginning with Episode 1 will be released this year on May 25th. The plot line revolves around the early years of the young Anakin Skywalker. The father of Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. In the early years of Anakin’s life he will witness the powers of Obi-Wan Kenobi who will have a large influence on the Skywalker’s history. Under Obi-Wan’s influence Anakin grows up admiring the Jedi Knights. Anakin yearns to have his own light saber and adventures.

Anakin’s dreams of becoming a Jedi are shattered when the Jedi Counsil refuses to train Anakin and turns him away to remain a navigator on a spice freighter. Ben Kenobi thinking he can train Jedi takes Skywalker and begins instructing him in the ways of the Force.

Kenobi, obviously undertrained him self cannot possibly train someone with the potentional of Anakin. With this oppurtunity Palpatine uses this as his chance to sway Anakin from Obi-Wan’s influence. Leaving Anakin hating Obi-Wan for his intense training which Anakin finds a waste of time. After Palpatine finishes Anakin’s training, Anakin only a shell of the man he used to be becomes the Dark Lord of the Sith… Darth Vader.

What Lucas says about the cast (from the Star Wars Insider 1-800-TRUE-FAN)…

On Liam Nesson

“Liam Nesson is a master Jedi, the center of the movie just like Alec Guinness was in the fist movie.” Lucas then goes on to compare the cool Liam keeps to that of Alec Guinness and to say that there are only a handfull of actors who can even hope to achieve that kind of nobility.

On Jake Lloyd…

“He’s bouncy, cheerful, everything you could want. He’s sort of a young Luke Skywalker.” Lucas then says Jake Lloyd is supposed to embody the same presence of Luke Skywalker, which he does. On Natalie Portman… “Natalie Portman plays the perfect Queen; she’s very strong. At the same time, she’s very young.” Lucas then refers to having the same problem with Princess Leia in the first film.

On Ahmed Best…

“Very hard character to figure out-very hard dialouge to understand and make work. Kind of Yoda times ten. But Ahmed Best just sort of took to it. It takes a very particular kind of personality.” Alot of people could not figure out the dialouge for the character but Ahmed Best read the lines perfect to the way George Lucas had written them. Which is rather important when you imagine Yoda having some one else’s voice and it being all wrong.

On Ewan McGregor…

Ewan McGregor is the perfect Harrison Ford, but he’s also a great young Alec Guinness. He’s extremly relaxed and very strong. All the things that Alec Guinness is. The cast really fits the same mold as the original. There was alot of different paths Lucas could have took in the orginal trilogy and now this will happen. This does not mean that it will basically be a remake. What if Luke got the girl? What if Han died? What if Leia died? What if Lando betrayed Han out pure selfishness? All these things will happen in the new trilogy. But do not despare. To make these losses seem tragic to the audience Lucas will have to add just as many happy sceens to make the audience actually feel for the characters and there losses through out the Prequels.

The End of the Title Bizz…

There has been alot of questions as to what the title for the new prequel is going to be. Alot of people have waited fifteen years for a new Star Wars movie. The people want to know and that is why there have been so many rumors as to the title. The fact is people has simplified the art of creating titles. If Anakin is in a motorcycle crash the fans would begin to call Episode One “The Motorcycle Crash of the Jedi”

That is why “Fall of the Jedi” and “Rise of the Empire” are ridicoulous. George Lucas has stated a number of times that there will be no trailer untill Christmas and he has chosen no title. “I haven’t choosen on yet and will not make that decision untill a few weeks prior to the release.” So there you have it. Not title untill a few week before release.

Anakin a Great Star Pilot? Size Matters Not?

Can Anakin become a great Star Pilot and a great warrior at the age of Eight? Will I would say “Why not?” When he’s fifty he’s choking people, throwing machines and junk at his son, alive with the help of a Iron Lung, so I do not see a child prodigy like Anakin using some simple piloting techniques that big of a deal. After all there are kids who fly small craft all the time. But when he meets Obi_Wan he might not be a child according to George. “First your assuming that Ben meets Anakin when Anakin is eight-or-so-years-old. And second, the Force is extremly powerful in Anakin and gives him the ability to accomplish feats which are amazing for his age. He is a child prodigy.” So as long as the public can accept this, there sould be no problem with issue. Besides I’m sure all the true fans and internet followers are used to this already.

When some guy on a message board calls me “Supershadow,” I kind of laugh.

I was a lot like the guy in this ad:


Update: Check out this really well done article on SuperShadow.

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