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Is A.J. Edwards doing a Mace Windu Star Wars spin-off film?

Is A.J. Edwards in talks to direct a Star Wars spin-off on Mace Windu? Maybe not anymore if he spilled the beans on it that fast. A.J. Edwards did a Reddit AMA and said:

AJ Edwards Mace Windu





That’s a pretty big slip-up to make. I would think anyone talking to Lucasfilm about a job that big would have been coached about the secrecy that such a gig entails. My guess is he was joking and we know how sarcasm on the internet goes. What’s weird is that we hear a lot of names and just about every rumor comes by my desk in some form or another. This wasn’t a rumor. So it is strange that was asked. It makes me wonder if it was a stunt to get the film mentioned in the media by association to Star Wars? Or maybe the dude didn’t have to sign 100 NDAs just to get to the talks and it just is what it is?

That said, give me a Mace Windu movie and give it to me now.

Thanks to Benny Bierbaum for writing in to let us know earlier today! It is appreciated.


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