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Some thoughts on the new Star Wars title, marketing, and teasers.

We woke up this morning to huge news; The Force Awakens. The title of the seventh Star Wars film is now upon us. For the next week, if not the next few years, fans will argue about the meaning of the title and if it “sucks” or not.

The interesting bit for me has been the removal of “Episode VII” from the title. Some people are really taking it hard. But at the end of the day, that is simply marketing. During the prequel era, the “Episode” monikers allowed for Lucasfilm and fans to refer to the films with a title while there wasn’t one. That even kind of happened with The Force Awakens. While the poster for The Force Awakens will not have Episode VII on it, most likely, the film will still harbor the words in its opening crawl, its safe to assume.

I’m not a football fan but when I look at the roman numerals for the Super Bowl, my eyes glaze over. Its sort of absurd, really. Hyperbole: XVVXVXVXVXVXVXVVXXVVXVXVXV is keeping to a system of tradition for tradition’s sake. Star Wars isn’t that close to such a fate, but it isn’t that far off either. With the amount of episodes and spin-offs heading our way, it is best return to the title selling the film rather than the episode number. With stories in the Star Wars universe being told out of chronological order, the numeration becomes less important and harder to market, I imagine. Can you imagine if the Marvel films had episode numbers with them? It would feel played out just because of the sheer number of them, but that series is fresh and vibrant still.

I still believe the Episode moniker will be added back to the “video” releases eventually. Sure, shelve space is becoming less of an issue during the digital age, but having the episodes in order is for the best.

For me? I’m just happy I won’t see people writing Episode VII as Episode 7. It just always looked lazy to me. I’ll take The Force Awakens over Episode 7.

The question we now have is are those teaser rumors we’ve been hearing about true? As I have danced around on Twitter, there’s a lot coming in about it saying the 1 minute long John Williams scored teaser is hitting VERY soon. With the title hitting today, I believe it to be more likely than ever.

Oh yeah, one last thing:

#TheForceAwakens, use it!



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