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Art Depiction: What the TIE Pilot looks like in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I’ve talked about this one a lot on Now, This is Podcasting.  I’ve seen the TIE pilot helmet about 5 different times now. Tom Hodges has shared an artistic representation of the new TIE pilot and it is pretty accurate:

Hodges TIE PILOTEOn the helmets I’ve seen, the lens gets a bit narrower near the middle. I’m not knocking his fantastic art one bit though. Its really good and gives you a really clear idea of exactly how it looks. The top part is either a blast shield or a targeting computer, maybe both. I believe the hoses go down into a device and forms a Y shape. But I only saw the full costume for a brief moment. The outside armor is dull black but the underside body glove is more shiny.

Now to convince Mr. Hodges to draw me something! 🙂


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