Check out this awesome Star Wars cupcake!

Check out this cupcake. As a kid, the maker had an Ewok Sit and Spin. I was pushing her while she spun, making her spin extra fast and of course she spun off and broke her arm. That day, Yub Nub was not played out loud. Its the only arm I’ve ever broken (that wasn’t in the Octagon). I haven’t seen her for years but I’m sure she’s still cool, especially since she makes edible Star Wars food. Her step-mom just linked to this on Facebook:

Natty B's CakesI guess having her arm broken in the name of Star Wars spinning fun didn’t leave a bad taste in her mouth. Or maybe she needed cupcakes to fix that?

I broke this chick’s arm, you guys. That’s the real life equivalent of putting a homie in Carbonite. So order some if you love cupcakes, Star Wars, and don’t have diabeetus like Wilford Brimley.

I also want to suggest you hit her up to make the cupcakes for Star Wars Celebration in April if you’re throwing a party. She’s based in Fullerton which is about 10 minutes from Anaheim where the convention is taking place. So if you want to shop local and support cool Star Wars jazz at that time, hit her up.

Visit Natty B’s Cakes & Cupcakes and like her page and contact her at nburke178@gmail.com to order her awesome cupcakes. Sorry about that arm, kid. Oh yeah, and those pics apparently don’t have an filters on them. They just really look that good. So suck it filter cheater cup cake makers. Your trickery ends here!


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