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Concepts: Star Wars: The Force Awakens: High Speed Desert Chase!

Today we are looking at several pieces of art by Thom Tenery and one by another artist I’m keeping on the down-low for now considering the recent climate for fake works. Tenery’s work is so complex and brilliant, a faker couldn’t copy if they tried. So its clearly okay to mention that artist’s works.

The sequence in question is one in which Daisy Ridley’s character is in her wagon-speeder. This is not the same speeder we see in the teaser. This wagon-speeder is for hauling things in. Some art shows an injured Stormtrooper in the back of the wagon’s bed in different designs. The Stormtrooper is missing as is the roller ball droid from the back of the wagon in this sequence. Six panels of art, the wagon design is the same mostly, making me believe it was fairly finalized early on. However, the ship being chased in these pieces is different in just about every frame of the six here. It tells the same story, regardless.

This chase may take place during the Ridley’s quest to retrieve the X-wing Fighter that Oscar Isaac’s character has crashed. One version of this ship are landed at her AT-AT base in various concepts. So why is she chasing what might be her own ship? Does someone steal it with the X-wing loaded into it before she can return it to Han Solo for her pay?

Basically the sequence appears to be a chase in which the ship is flying fast and “Kira” races at top speeds to fly her speeder up into the ship to capture the cargo back. Depending on the design of the ship, it appears she can just drive into it, other designs make me think she would have to jump from the speeder to the ship. Either way you cut it, it does not appear the ship wants her on it. I wonder why the ship doesn’t just fly away, but I think the smoke trailing from the engines might explain that the ship isn’t going to be in the air for very long.

The setting in the desert planet we saw in the teaser trailer last Thanksgiving. All of the pieces except one feature the same camera angle which makes me think it is intended to be a steady long shot until the wagon speeder docks with the big ship, which is about the size of a freighter, I’d guess.

In all six pieces, the big ship is smoking as if its been damaged.

We are looking down a the ship. the camera is probably 200ft into the air, and the wagon speeder are centered but pointing towards the bottom left of the frame. The motion blur added to the work makes it look like the chase is moving really fast; Podracing fast.

You can see the wagon speeder here:

SpeederAs I believe I have mentioned in the past, the speeder looks like the design in the photo above. But its about the width of a small car. The pilot sits off to the side just as a driver in a war would. In the back of the speeder there are potato sacks in the concepts I’ve seen and another concept just shows spare parts.

The first panel is really cool. The ship is pretty much a B-29 bomber from WWII on a long body with two wings that are pretty short. I can’t help but ponder if this lead to The Ghost in Star Wars Rebels or if it was a coincidence. “Kira’s” speeder races to the side of it in this shot. I believe its because she probably has to jump onto it with this concept.

The second panel has her almost beside the ship. This ship can be seen in the teaser and it makes me think this was the ship chosen out of the various concepts. But I have admit, there is a chance the ship was just bumped down to scenery for this shot too:

quad engineThe third panel has ship in the shape of a woman’s press-on fingernail, for lack of a better comparison. The ship is grey with yellow and red paint that’s badly in need of a touch-up. The center of the ship still has the same B-29 cockpit. But there is a groove in the back of the ship that probably has a ramp for the wagon speeder to fly into the back of.

The fourth and six panels are almost identical. The ship is longer than the other but with the same B-29 cockpit. The cockpit is long but is shaped like a trident with the cockpit being the center fork.

The sixth panel is the only panel to feature a new camera angle and it is the only piece by a different artist.  It just looks like a its the underside of the ship in the first frame. But it has a fuselage of another ship attached to it. In this one, the ship is pretty high up.  But it looks like it could have the fuselage of a X-wing fighter magnetized to it with the wings missing. The paint matches. It appears as if the wings and nose of the X-wing are gone. We can see the pilot in this piece and its not finished. But the white Sullustan appears to be looking back to see if “Kira” has caught up or not. Note: It looks like a Sullustan but its barely filled in so don’t take it to mean very much if anything.

It makes me speculate this ship has the body of Oscar Isaac’s X-wing fighter and she’s racing to get it back. Perhaps someone steals her ship? Maybe this is where the pirates come into the film? Either way, we’ve seen more depictions of her pulling the X-wing back to the station via giant transport pigs. I suppose she’s successful in getting the ship back. I wonder if the ship hauling the X-wing makes it or if she destroys it?

However, just to be clear, only one piece clearly shows the X-wing type fuselage as visible. It could be the outlier; the one-off.  That said, its the only motivation for the chase sequence we know of at this point. It also makes it more exciting than having “Kira’ just go out, find the ship and bring it back.

That’s the best job we can do with these works today and until more evidence appears to correct our path, we’ll have leave this puzzle lightly filled in but still missing some of the pieces!



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