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Concepts: Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Ice Plains Walker

There’s a blue icy plain. The sky is blue with white streaks of clouds in the horizon. The icy ground has a few cracks in it. A four legged walker makes its way through the cold terrain. There does not appears to be any threat in the area, but the walker moves with urgency as if its searching for something. There is a frantic quality to the walker. Unlike the AT-AT which was menacing and perhaps even noble in the way its face looked towards the snowy terrain of Hoth, this walker has a strut to it almost like a dog running and its a little more insect in nature. These new walkers in this piece kick up snow and move very fast unlike its father, The AT-AT.

The feet of this walker is very much the same as the old AT-AT we know and love. Its body is triangle shaped, but not sharply. The point of the triangle being its rear. It has a head like a tank’s turret but without any gun attached to it. Instead it has two red eyes. My guess is this walker is about a quarter the size of an AT-AT. I also think it could be a droid or have two people inside it. Its head has a beam with two red eyes on the sides of it. Strangely, this walker doesn’t appear to have an overt weaponry on its exterior. I wonder if the eyes shoot lasers out of them or if they’re just visual receptors? Perhaps this is just a scout and actually a more effective version of the AT-ST?  In spirit, it reminds me of an AT-AT an Dwarf Spider Droid from Attack of the Clones.

The legs are very much the AT-AT in style but they have large tubes and open wires on the outside. Its good to know the Empire still loves design flaws to level the playing field a bit. I bet a young Jedi in training could jump up there and pull those wires out incapacitating the walker. That’s not knocking the artist, the design is beautiful and it looks really cool.

In looking at the shadow silhouettes for the walker, its body is almost like a lady bug with long legs and a turret on the top.

I believe this is the walker that was going to corner and capture Oscar Isaac’s character to get him thrown into the brig. We don’t believe that happens on the snow planet now. It still could, but I doubt it. We think the opening snow planet was consolidated with the sand planet, which is why we have double depictions of these events. That could very well mean this concept is not appearing the film. But like all things of this caliber, the design is brilliant enough I think we’ll see it somewhere eventually.

EDIT: I assumed this walker was small because of the speed at which it appears to be moving but it could actually be rather massive. There’s really not much to judge its true size against.


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