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Concepts: Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ “SIE” Fighter

Today I’m going to tell you about the weirdest TIE Fighter design of all time. I have no clue if it actually appears in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. My sense would be that it does not appear in the movie because it seems like a radical experiment by the daring artist who drew it. TIE stands for Twin Ion Engine. So technically, this is a SIE Fighter; a Single Ion Engine. Sounds kind of depressing, doesn’t it? SIE FI? This piece doesn’t have a title, so I don’t know what they would officially call this behind the scenes (I just want to make that clear).

The SIE Fighter is facing us. The SIE Fighter’s hull is very much what you would expect from a TIE Fighter’s. Its the classic design. However, the right side of the fighter is painted red. It appears red denotes Special Forces Imperial crafts. The top hatch has no red on it, just the body of the hull.

The wing we see to our left is very much like a TIE Interceptor’s wing. However, imagine its a little shorter and nearly twice as long, almost emulating the shape of the Star Destroyer’s triangle shape. However, you know how the TIE Interceptor wing has a fork in it? Well another wing is placed inside it, connecting to the fork. This wing is red. It almost looks like an airplane wing and the flat side connects into the fork of the wing. Near the tip of the red wing is a small laser gun.

Here is a very crude image of how the red wing fits in as it is nearly impossible to describe right now. Remember, the wing is about 50% shorter, and 100% longer. Also, the space between the fork area is very thin unlike the TIE Interceptor:


This design only has one wing. The opposite wing is totally missing. The mount for a wing is there but instead of a wing, it has a small laser gun there. Some of the gun’s mount also had red on it, but its mainly dark grey like the rest of the SIE Fighter.

If I were a betting man, I would say we’re not going to see this design on screen. But that’s just my guess. The point is, they experimented with lots of TIE designs. I still hope I get to blow this ship up in a video game one day. Since its special forces, in theory, it could make a one time appearance on a special mission, right? Probably not.

We have some more probable and interesting ship designs to discuss in the near future.


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